Mastering Difficult Conversations

This short training course covers essential strategies for navigating challenging conversations with confidence and finesse. You will learn how to recognise and manage triggers that escalate difficult discussions, foster empathetic communication, and develop assertive techniques for constructive dialogue. Topics covered include understanding the psychological aspects of communication, mastering negotiation skills, and implementing lasting resolutions to create positive long-term outcomes in both personal and professional settings.

This course is available both live online and face-to-face.

  • Face to face (London) | One day | £675 +VAT
  • Face to face (Dubai) | One day | Media One Hotel | $795 +VAT
  • Live online (Zoom) | Two half-days | 10:00-14:00 London time | $795

Also available on request in US / Asia timezones.

Course outline

Understanding the Dynamics of Difficult Conversations

This module covers how to explore the psychological aspects of communication and recognize triggers that escalate challenging discussions.

  • Recognise triggers that escalate challenging discussions.
  • Manage emotions effectively, both yours and others'.
  • Develop active listening skills to foster understanding.
  • Approach difficult conversations with empathy and resilience.
  • Gain insights into the root causes of conflict.

Strategies for Constructive Dialogue and Resolution

This module focuses on practical strategies for conducting difficult conversations with a positive outcome, including assertive communication and negotiation skills.

  • Learn techniques for framing conversations positively.
  • Set the right tone to maintain a collaborative atmosphere.
  • Acquire assertive communication skills for effective dialogue.
  • Explore de-escalation tactics to defuse tension.
  • Develop negotiation skills for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Advanced Communication Techniques for Difficult Scenarios

Delve into advanced communication strategies for specific challenging scenarios, such as handling sensitive topics and adapting communication styles to different personalities.

  • Handle sensitive topics with finesse and empathy.
  • Master giving and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Adapt communication style to different personalities.
  • Navigate power dynamics effectively in difficult conversations.
  • Explore strategies for tailoring communication to unique scenarios.

Building Lasting Resolutions and Follow-Up

This module focuses on ensuring that the resolutions achieved in difficult conversations are sustainable and lasting.

  • Create actionable plans for sustainable resolutions.
  • Set realistic expectations for ongoing success.
  • Foster ongoing communication to prevent recurring issues.
  • Maintain positive relationships after challenging conversations.
  • Implement effective, long-term solutions for lasting impact.

What you will learn

After this course you will be able to:

  • Recognise and manage triggers that escalate challenging discussions effectively.
  • Develop and apply active listening skills to foster a deeper understanding in difficult conversations.
  • Demonstrate empathy and resilience when approaching sensitive or conflict-ridden situations.
  • Acquire assertive communication skills to navigate challenging dialogues confidently.
  • Explore and implement de-escalation tactics to defuse tension in various scenarios.
  • Master negotiation techniques for achieving mutually beneficial outcomes in difficult conversations.
  • Adapt communication styles to different personalities and navigate power dynamics effectively.
  • Create actionable plans and set realistic expectations for sustainable resolutions, fostering positive, lasting outcomes.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for individuals across various professional backgrounds and personal contexts who encounter challenging conversations and seek to enhance their communication skills. Whether you are navigating workplace dynamics, managing teams, or dealing with personal relationships, this course provides valuable insights and practical strategies to empower you in handling difficult conversations with confidence and effectiveness.