Terms and conditions


You can book training courses online at You will get an automatic confirmation of your booking request straight away – this shows that we’ve received your request. Next our admin team will send you a booking confirmation email including all of the information you’ll need to join the course. Please check the details of your confirmation carefully. You will need to let us know by email within 24 hours if anything needs to be changed. Please note that your booking is not confirmed until you receive your booking confirmation email. We reserve the right not to accept a booking for any reason, for instance if we feel the course is not the best match for you, in which case we will contact you to suggest alternatives or issue a refund.


The simplest way to pay is by credit card at at the same time as booking your course. If this is not possible, for instance if your organisation requires an invoice or supplier registration upfront, then we’ll need you to sign a booking form and send us a purchase order. If you haven’t paid by credit card, then we’ll need to see these documents before your booking is confirmed. Just send an email to [email protected] with the name of the course you’d like to book, and we’ll take care of the paperwork for you. Please make sure that your company pays on time. You can help by checking that the invoice has been signed off by an authorised signatory, accepted by the finance department, processed and scheduled for payment.

Please note:

  • You will receive your pre-training materials and instructions only after payment is received.
  • If payment is still not received by the time you arrive for training, you will need to settle the bill in person on the day.
  • No certificates will be issued for unpaid courses.
  • We will exercise our legal rights to claim interest and compensation for late payment.


If you are unable to attend a course for any reason, you have three options:

  • Transfer your spot to a colleague. You can do this at any time for free.
  • E-learning. We’ll give you a credit note to spend on ISOC on-demand or live e-learning courses.
  • Postpone to a later date. Short notice fees apply.
  • Change to a different course. Short notice fees apply.
  • Cancel and ask for a refund by email at least 30 days before the course starts. Sorry, no refunds with less than 30 days’ notice.

If you need a visa, please apply well in advance because if you leave it late and your visa is denied, we reserve the right to charge amendment or cancellation fees in the normal way.

Requests for amendments and cancellations of bookings must be made in writing.

A booking that has already been changed cannot be changed again or cancelled.

If you book a course but don’t attend, that’s the same as cancelling without notice. You will still need to pay the full price.

We reserve the right to alter courses, programmes, speakers and venues without notification. This is occasionally unavoidable for operational reasons.

We also reserve the right to cancel courses, in which case we will reimburse any fees already paid, and that amount will be the limit of our liability.


All content, resources and materials in ISOC courses, publications and online platforms are for general information only and come with no guarantee or warranty. We accept no responsibility for the consequences if information is used as the basis for actions or decisions.


We value your trust, and make it a high priority to ensure that the personal information that you entrust to us stays secure and confidential. Please familiarise yourself with our privacy policy, which explains what we do with your personal information when you visit and communicate with us. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume that you understand and accept the way we go about processing your data and keeping it private – so please do read the privacy policy to learn more.