Customer Service and Customer Experience Programme

This five-day customer service course is a masterclass for senior professionals about how to manage the customer ecosystem holistically. You will learn to design strategies and implement frameworks to deliver world-class  service and customer experience excellence at every touch point. Topics include strategy, measurement, culture and leadership best practices.

Five days | Dubai (Media One Hotel) |  Classroom Course |  US$2,950

Course outline

Day One: Understanding and Serving Your Customers

This one-day module covers tools and tips for improved customer service by getting to know your customers.

  • Defining your customer, their needs, behaviours and preferences
  • Getting into the mind of your customer: different customer personality profiles
  • Building rapport, active listening, gaining respect and exerting influence
  • Using emotional intelligence and dealing with difficult customers

Day Two: From Customer Service (CS) to Customer Experience (CX)

This one-day module covers organisational transformation from focusing on service to prioritising experience.

  • Defining customer experience
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Transformation: Customer experience vs User Experience vs Digital Experience

Day Three: Customer Experience Management (CXM)

This one-day module covers specialised techniques for managing customer experience.

  • The role of organisational leadership
  • The Customer Experience Management Strategy (CXMS)
  • The role of Rewards & Loyalty Programs
  • Demonstrating the ROI of CXM Initiatives

Day Four: Customer Experience Measurement (CEM)

This one-day module covers quantitative and qualitative research and measurement techniques.

  • Defining what we need to measure: a measurement framework
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methodologies
  • Using data analytics to determine customer health
  • Influential reporting: from data to insights

Day Five: Customer Centricity Culture

This one-day module covers best practice principles for design and implementation of a sustainable culture.

  • Define and design your customer centricity culture
  • Culture implementation and change management
  • Embedding the culture by empowering your people
  • Organisational governance for sustainable customer centricity
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What you will learn

After this course you will be able to:

  • Develop ways to handle customer related interactions in more effective ways ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Shift focus from a pure CS viewpoint to include the entire customer journey and all the elements of CX
  • Design and conduct customer experience research and deliver meaningful measures and insights
  • Utilize the latest techniques and tools to manage customer experience at all different levels
  • Define, design and implement a customer centricity culture in your organisation

Who should attend?

This is an intermediate to advanced level course designed for managers and senior professionals aspiring to mastery and excellence in customer service and customer experience. Learning is pitched at a level to help synthesising across the organisation and align to globally used methodologies that facilitate strategic, tactical and operational implementation.

This course is recommended for executives, directors and senior managers who need to develop, design or manage customer impacting strategies and initiatives; decision makers and team leaders responsible for operational improvements related to process, system and people; senior customer-facing professionals or subject matter experts, i.e. agile/SCRUM masters, project managers, user experience/design, market research, innovation, business process re-engineering, business development, digital transformation, customer relationship managers.