Customer Experience Measurement (CEM)

This one-day Customer Experience course covers how to find and use practical data for evidence-based customer excellence. You will learn to define and apply sophisticated metrics and analytics to generate data-driven insights on the health of your organisation’s relationship with its customers. Topics include measurement frameworks, research methodologies, measurement tools, and how to generate insights that drive business transformation.

One day | Dubai (Media One Hotel) |  Classroom Course |  US$595

Course outline

Defining what we need to measure: a measurement framework

  • The measurement framework and different levels of measurement
  • Identify metrics for each level
  • Link the metrics across levels
  • How to use the measurement framework

Quantitative and qualitative research methodologies

  • Defining the research objective and scope
  • Understanding the difference between qualitative and quantitative methodologies
  • Designing the research fieldwork
  • Executing the research study

Using data analytics to determine customer health

  • Defining customer health
  • Different ways to measure customer health
  • Data analytics for customer feedback surveys
  • Data analytics: customer related measures

Influential reporting: from data to insights

  • The difference between data and information
  • The importance of data management
  • Tracking customer experience measures
  • Transforming measures into insights that drive business transformation
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What you will learn

After this course you will be able to:

  • Build a measurement framework with a set of metrics for each level in the organisation
  • Select and apply the most appropriate customer research methodology
  • Determine the health of customer experience by utilizing data analytics
  • Articulate and communicate customer insights that drives business transformation

Who should attend?

This is an intermediary to advanced level course designed for learners in senior roles, aspiring to mastery and excellence.

Learning is pitched at a level to help synthesising across the organisation and align to globally used methodologies that facilitate strategic, tactical and operational implementation.

This course is recommended for senior managers, subject matter experts and professionals who are responsible for gaining customer insights, measuring customer satisfaction and other metrics related to customer experience. Professionals who need to develop, design or manage customer impacting strategies and initiatives; employees responsible for management information support, market or customer research, analytics and reporting; decision makers and team leaders responsible for operational improvements related to process, system, product and people.