Corporate Communication Programme

This five-day masterclass takes a deep dive into a set of specialised disciplines for corporate communication professionals. You will learn the latest best practice on internal communication, ESG strategy and communication, and high-level media engagement. Topics include change management, employee engagement, ESG positioning and outreach, and advanced strategies for influencing the media.

This course is available face to face in London and Dubai. 

  • Face to face (London)¬†|¬†Five days¬†|¬†¬£3,375 +VAT
  • Face to face (Dubai)¬†|¬†Five days¬†|¬†Media One Hotel¬†|¬†$3,975 +VAT

Course outline

Days 1-2: Internal Communication and Employee Engagement

Internal communication strategy and planning

This module covers how to create an internal communication strategy complete with organisational systems and a practical action plan.

  • The IC strategy framework and planning cycle
  • Understanding your audience
  • Defining your messages
  • Selecting your channels
  • Business ownership for internal communications and the profile of the IC specialist

Internal communication tools, channels and campaigns

This module looks at how to select and deploy the right channels and tools for internal communications.

Auditing and selecting the right channels

  • Technology and collaboration tools
  • Creating effective and creative internal communication campaigns
  • Showcase of international best practice campaigns
  • The importance of the information cascade

Change management

This module explores how internal communication can support change within the organisation.

  • Change programmes and sources of change
  • A practical roadmap for communicating change
  • Motivating employees during change
  • Handling the downside; communicating bad news
  • Keys to successful knowledge management

Internal communication in a crisis

This module explores role of internal communication during a crisis that impacts an organisation.

  • Preventing internal issues from becoming a crisis
  • The role of the internal communicator in crisis management
  • Communicating with employees during a crisis
  • Supporting employees during trauma
  • Aligning your internal and external communications in times of crisis

Days 3-4: ESG Strategy and Communication

ESG Strategy and Communication

This module covers the principles and rationale for ESG and approaches that you can use to develop an effective strategy for your own organisation.

  • Understanding the concept and context of ESG and its growing role and significance in organisations
  • Exploring the role of corporate communications in an organisation‚Äôs ESG strategy and initiatives
  • Overview of key concepts, components and terminology in ESG strategy and communication

ESG Strategy and Reporting Frameworks

This module covers how to approach ESG strategy design and practical options for how to structure an ESG strategy.

  • Introduction to global ESG strategy and reporting frameworks
  • Understanding ESG reporting requirements and guidelines
  • Case studies on effective ESG strategy and reporting

ESG Messaging

This module covers how to generate and deploy effective positioning and narratives to ensure consistency around ESG topics.

  • Crafting compelling narratives around ESG strategy, goals, initiatives and achievements
  • Developing a key message framework
  • Effective communication techniques for complex and nuanced ESG topics

Omnichannel Communications for ESG

This module covers how to select, coordinate and integrate the most effective and powerful communication channels for your ESG strategy or campaign.

  • Exploring various communication channels
  • Creating integrated communication campaigns to maximize ESG impact
  • Leveraging technology for effective ESG communication

Day 5: Strategic Media Engagement

Advanced media dynamics

This module covers top-level approaches to media management from a communication director’s perspective.

  • Navigating the charged relationship between PR and the media
  • Balancing tactics and strategy
  • Strategic media engagement
  • Trends and developments in media relations tactics
  • Online media relations

Building media authority

This module covers strategic engagement with journalists at a senior editorial level.

  • Building authority in the media
  • Thought leadership
  • Stimulating and managing third party advocacy
  • Issues-led media relations: planned opportunism
  • Tricky situations, and how to handle them

Ethics in media relations

This module deals with why and how communications professionals can and ought to ‚Äúdo the right thing‚ÄĚ in dealings with the media.

  • Managing the reputation of the reputation managers
  • Universal codes and principles of ethics as applied to PR
  • Veracity, harm avoidance, beneficence, confidentiality and fairness

Supporting spokespeople

This module covers how to prepare senior spokespeople to perform well in media interviews, from the perspective of a communication director.

  • Media insight
  • Analysing the news landscape
  • Practical messaging for interviews
  • Predicting questions
  • Q&A and briefing documents

What you will learn

After this course you will be able to:

  • Create effective and creative internal communication strategies and campaigns
  • Motivate employees through periods of change and disruption
  • Support and engage employees in times of crisis
  • Understand and articulate best practice in ESG strategy
  • Design strategy and reporting frameworks for ESG at your organisation
  • Craft effective messaging and positioning for the communication of ESG initiatives and visions
  • Navigate the charged relationship between PR and the media
  • Build authority and drive thought leadership in the media
  • Support and advise spokespeople effectively

Who should attend?

This is an advanced-level course designed for learners in senior roles, aspiring to mastery and innovation. Learning is pitched at a level to help you to synthesise best practice and direct strategic implementation. This course is recommended for senior PR managers, communications directors, agency account directors, communications managers, communications directors, government communications managers and directors.