Introduction to Communications and PR

This introductory PR course covers all the core concepts and techniques that underlie the discipline of professional communications. You will master the full range of practical tools and best practice that effective communication professionals use to shape reputation and influence stakeholders. Topics include PR disciplines, communication strategy, campaigns, media relations and social media. 

This course is available face-to-face (one full day) or live online (two half-days). 

  • Face to face (Dubai) | One full day | Media One Hotel | $695 +VAT
  • Live online (Zoom) | Two half-days | 10:00-14:00 London time | $695

Also available on request in US / Asia timezones

Course outline

The PR landscape

This module is a colourful induction into the modern public relations industry: a sweeping view of the big picture, giving context to best practice.

  • History and evolution of the communications industry
  • Structure of the contemporary global PR landscape
  • Strategic communications: how PR serves hard business goals
  • PR job roles and career structures: in-house PR, agency PR
  • The communications mix: PR, branding, communications, advertising

Concepts and disciplines

This module defines and explores the principles that underlie all effective PR, and its many specialist practice areas.

  • The advisory role of communication and PR in shaping business strategy and decision making
  • Universal PR principles: reputation management and influence in action
  • Specialist PR disciplines (e.g. media relations, event management, crisis, internal, public affairs, financial PR)
  • Online engagement: the mainstream role of the Web in modern PR

Tools and tactics

This module opens up the complete toolbox of the modern PR profession and shows how effective organisations apply diverse tactics for practical results.

  • Stakeholder mapping: identifying and prioritising the target groups
  • Media segmentation: target groups through the most influential channels
  • Message development and proof points
  • Media relations and media engagement
  • Online PR and communications

Creative platforms

This module reviews an array of creative and unusual approaches that can generate the most effective and memorable PR campaigns.

  • Creative PR and communications platforms
  • Role and importance of creativity in PR
  • Sources and success factors for creativity
  • Creativity showcase: lessons from the world’s most creative PR campaigns
  • Facilitating creativity: 10 practical techniques to unlock creativity


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What you will learn

After this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the structure and landscape of the PR profession
  • Explain and articulate all the specialised disciplines of PR
  • Apply essential PR concepts to everyday work
  • Develop messages, positioning and proof points
  • Map and prioritise stakeholder groups for your organisation
  • Choose the right PR tool for the job
  • Apply creative PR platforms to generate practical results 

Who should attend?

This is a universal course designed for learners at different levels and in a range of roles. Learning is pitched at a core level, designed to help you analyse core concepts and execute universal skills. This course is recommended for PR and communication professionals early in their careers who need to build a broad foundation of professional expertise.