Implementing a Public Affairs and Lobbying Campaign 

This public affairs training course covers government engagement campaigning. You will learn to choose the best frameworks and approaches for your goals and contexts. Topics include all of the nuts and bolts of implementing a public affairs programme.  

Four half-days | 10:00-14:00 London time | Live on Zoom | US$1390

Also available on request in US / Asia timezones

Course outline

Power dynamics: understanding the dynamics of political jurisdictions to maximise results

This module covers how to analyse the political mechanics and power dynamics of a particular environment, in order to identify engagement potential.

  • Key features of comparative political jurisdictions
  • Evaluating executive and legislative powers in different jurisdictions
  • Using insights in to your own jurisdiction

Using different lobbying programme frameworks for your campaign

This module reviews a menu of alternative models for public affairs programmes and the factors for affecting their suitability.

  • Evaluating different programme approaches and tactics
  • Understanding a variety of programme objectives
  • Using case studies and workshops to identify the right tactics for your strategy

Choosing and using the best tools to engage with stakeholders

This module covers how to select appropriate campaign and engagement tactics.

  • Using communications tools to engage the media and political decision-makers
  • In depth look at multiple case studies
  • Building popular and local support

Getting to the right people

Testing your objectives and clarifying your purpose

  • Understanding how to negotiate the complexity of government
  • Targeting stakeholders in foreign jurisdictions
  • Honing messages for specific stakeholder targets

Relationships and dynamics

Understanding where to pitch your meeting

  • Developing a deeper understanding of specific individuals
  • Analysing relationship dynamics in different scenarios
  • Adapting your message frames to different targets

Aligning communications activities with government affairs programmes

This module covers how to connect strategic communications with strategic government affairs so that they work in harmony.

  • Understanding what makes communications 'strategic'
  • Aligning communications activities with public affairs and government relations programmes
  • Identifying and evaluating your communications assets

Creative PR tools and tactics to generate publicity

This module presents a menu of communications and PR tools, tactics and activities that can be applied to government affairs programmes.

  • Identifying and evaluating a range of tools and tactics to gain media coverage
  • Using written materials to build media relations
  • Managing press conferences, briefings, media workshops and press trips
  • Building a thought leadership profile

Building relationships with journalists to secure media coverage

This module covers practical approaches to engaging with journalists and the news machine, including in challenging situations.

  • Understanding the psychology of the journalist
  • Learning the rules of engagement with the media
  • Understanding news cycles and news values
  • Dealing with tricky issues and situations


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What you will learn

After this course you will be able to:

  • Supervise and execute lobbying activities
  • Navigate the political dynamics of jurisdictions relevant to your organisation
  • Deploy the full range of public affairs tools and tactics to engage different stakeholders
  • Evaluate and target the most appropriate government officials for your goals
  • Plan successfully for meetings and encounters with government officials
  • Manage challenging situations during meetings with policymakers
  • Develop communication collateral to support meetings
  • Make productive connections between public relations, corporate communications, thought leadership, lobbying and reputation management
  • Pitch a story or give a high-level briefing effectively to a journalist
  • Build relationships with reporters and editors

Who should attend?

This is an intermediate-level course designed for executives who need to engage with government, legislators and politicians for work. Learning is pitched at a level to help you to synthesise best practice and direct strategic implementation. This course is recommended for managers tasked with overseeing strategic government and public affairs, whether directly or having hired a consultancy.