Giving and Receiving Feedback

This practical feedback training course covers the spectrum of soft skills and interpersonal intelligence around the art of giving and receiving feedback. You will learn how to plan and prepare strategically to give feedback, anticipate emotional and psychological barriers in the feedback process, and how you yourself can grow and improve by becoming receptive and active when others give you feedback. You will learn how to recognise and adapt your feedback style, navigate proven feedback models, and implement practical strategies in your everyday work.

This course is available on demand face-to-face (one full day) or live online (two half-days).

This course can be delivered in English or Arabic.

 Contact [email protected] for dates and bookings. 

Course outline

Understanding feedback

This module covers the core concepts around the dynamics and importance of giving and receiving effective feedback in the context of performance improvement as well as personal development. Topics include:

  • Styles of feedback, and the importance of adapting your style
  • Feedback vs criticism
  • Developing the habit of asking for feedback
  • Barriers to giving feedback

Giving feedback

This module covers how to approach and prepare for the task of giving feedback in a way that maximises its effectiveness, as well as how to remain present and mindful in the delivery of feedback. Topics include:

  • The Situation-Impact-Behaviour (SBI) feedback model
  • The Feed Forward model
  • Working with a Feedback Matrix
  • Managing and resolving conflict in feedback

Receiving feedback

This module covers how to cultivate a constructive mindset that is receptive to feedback and inclined to frame it not as a threat but as ingredients for positive improvement. Topics include:

  • The three blockers that stop us from accepting and acting upon feedback (two psychological, one biological)
  • Understanding the emotions a person feels when anticipating feedback
  • The Shock-Anger-Resistance-Acceptance (SARA) model of impact phases
  • Six practical strategies on how to receive feedback
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What you will learn

After this course you will be able to:

  • Understand how feedback styles work, and how to adapt your own style
  • Identify and avoid known pitfalls and barriers when giving feedback to others
  • Navigate emotional and psychological dynamics around feedback
  • Implement models proven to drive effective outcomes from feedback
  • Receive incoming feedback in a positive frame that empowers your own growth

Who should attend?

This is a universal course designed for learners in a wide range of roles and levels. Learning is pitched at a core level, designed to help you analyse core concepts and execute universal skills. This course is recommended for anyone who wants to leverage the feedback process to get the best positive improvement out of themselves and others.