Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

This course covers how to make peace with nervousness about public speaking and instead start to feel positive about presenting in public. You will be welcomed in an overwhelmingly positive, happy, supportive environment, where you will learn to prepare physically and psychologically and perform unburdened by fear. Topics include a broad toolbox of proven strategies and practical techniques that you can take away, practice and use. 

This course is available face-to-face (two full days) or in a shortened version live online (two half-days). 

  • Face to face (Dubai): Two full days | Media One Hotel | $1390 +VAT  
  • Live online (Zoom): Two half-days | 10:00-14:00 London time | $695

Also available on request in US / Asia timezones

Course outline

Benchmark presentation

On a familiar topic, with PowerPoint visuals, filmed and replayed for individual performance coaching.

Demystifying fear of public speaking: how anxiety works (and how to tame it)

This module covers the psychology of fear and why public speaking makes many people feel anxious

  • Neurophysiology
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Biochemistry

How to master your own fear by understanding your personal anxiety mechanisms

This module covers how to identify and modify the underlying thoughts, habits and perceptions that perpetuate your fear

  • Reinforcement cycles
  • Avoidance
  • Cognitive biases
  • How to mitigate them

Psychological toolbox

This module presents a range of effective ideas and approaches for thought pattern modification

  • Visualisation that works
  • Applying mindfulness and meditation
  • Practical positivity

Physical toolbox

This module covers how preparing your body can help your mind to excel

  • Breathing techniques
  • Stretches and physical warmups
  • Exercise, nutrition and physiology 

Refining and rehearsing

This module comprises workshops and individual coaching to adjust visuals and fine-tune personal delivery through practice and rehearsal.

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What you will learn

After this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the root causes and triggers of your public speaking fear

  • Deploy easy, practical techniques to reduce anxiety when it arises

  • Modify underlying thoughts, habits and perceptions that perpetuate your fear

  • Prepare psychologically for public speaking

  • Prepare physically for public speaking

Who should attend?

This is a Universal course, meaning learning and content are suitable for all kinds of people at all levels of seniority and experience. You will learn and practice in an overwhelmingly positive, happy, supportive environment.