Understanding and Serving your Customers

This one-day customer service training course covers how to improve customer service by getting to know customers more deeply and systematically. You will master proven techniques to analyse and understand what makes customers tick, and learn to put that understanding to work across every customer touch-point. Topics include analysing and segmenting customer needs; personality, behavioural and psychological profiling; rapport, trust, persuasion and emotional intelligence.

One day | Dubai (Media One Hotel) |  Classroom Course |  US$595

Course outline

Defining your customer, their needs, behaviours and preferences

  • Identifying who your customer is, including your most valuable customer
  • The importance of knowing what your customers want, need, prefer and expect
  • Customer persona creation and segmentation
  • Personalisation: The role of big data and artificial intelligence

Getting into the mind of your customer: different customer personality profiles

  • The four customer personality types
  • Behavioural economics
  • The psychology of decision making
  • Heuristics and the power of habit

Building rapport, active listening, gaining respect and exerting influence

  • The importance of trust
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • The science of persuasion
  • SPIN selling & storytelling

Using emotional intelligence and dealing with difficult customers

  • The 4 domains and competencies of emotional intelligence
  • Effective handling of objections
  • Dealing with angry customers
  • Using emotional intelligence to become a trusted advisor
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What you will learn

After this course you will be able to:

  • Develop effective strategies and approaches to optimise customer interactions in more effective ways
  • Manage your own customer interactions with greater emotional intelligence, and support and mentor others to do the same
  • Leverage personality and behavioural science to generate practical customer insights for your organisation
  • Influence customer outcomes more effectively using evidence based interpersonal communication science
  • Manage, support and advise colleagues and teams on how to build rapport and trust with customers

Who should attend?

This is an intermediate to advanced level course designed for managers and senior professionals aspiring to mastery and excellence in customer service. Learning is pitched at a level to help synthesising across the organisation and align to globally used methodologies that facilitate strategic, tactical and operational implementation.

This course is recommended for department heads, senior managers, team leaders and individuals responsible for the development, design or management of customer impacting strategies and initiatives; decision makers and team leaders responsible for operational improvements related to process, system and people; customer-facing professionals (e.g. business development, sales, customer relationship managers, brokers, complaints handling and customer service personnel).