Customer Centricity Culture

This one-day Customer Service and Customer Experience course covers how to engineer customer thinking into the heart of your organisation's culture. You will learn to recognise and nurture the driving forces behind customer centricity. Topics include how to perform a culture audit, how to embed values through culture change, and how to sustain healthy customer-centric organisational habits through strong governance.

One day | Dubai (Media One Hotel) |  Classroom Course |  US$595

Course outline

Define and design your customer centricity culture

  • Defining an organisational culture and its role in business success
  • The different dimensions and levels of organisational cultures
  • Performing a culture audit
  • Developing a culture strategy

Culture implementation and change management

  • Identifying the business stakeholders and role players
  • Different mechanisms to socialise and present the culture
  • Globally used change management frameworks
  • Applying change management to effect the culture shift

Embedding the culture by empowering your people

  • Recruit for customer-centricity
  • Orientation & Training to align the workforce
  • Enabling empowerment and providing authority
  • Motivation, Incentives & Recognition

Organisational governance for sustainable customer centricity

  • Design the governance structures:  the right people in the right roles
  • A cross-functional collaboration methodology
  • KPIs that align goals and measure ongoing culture effectiveness
  • Attributes of successful governance for long term success
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What you will learn

After this course you will be able to:

  • Design and develop a culture that will place the customer at the centre of all decisions and initiatives
  • Utilize globally recognised change management models to ensure culture acceptance and adoption
  • Empower employees to live the culture in a way that practice becomes permanent
  • Set, incorporate and manage organisational governance to ensure long term sustainability of the customer-centric culture

Who should attend?

This is an intermediary to advanced level course designed for learners in senior roles, aspiring to mastery and excellence.

Learning is pitched at a level to help synthesising across the organisation and align to globally used methodologies that facilitate strategic, tactical and operational implementation.

This course is recommended for people-focused executives, directors and senior managers who need to develop, design or manage customer impacting strategies and initiatives through their teams; decision makers and team leaders responsible for setting up and leading teams that facilitate operational improvements related to process, system and product; senior employees from all areas of human resource management and human capital management will benefit from their course.