Crisis Communication Programme

This crisis communication training programme covers strategy, planning, resources and tactics. You will learn what it takes to respond decisively and defend reputation in a crisis. Topics include reputation and issues management, crisis communication strategy, resources and preparation, messaging and positioning, crisis response in social media and mainstream media, and crisis media training with on-camera coaching.  

  • Face to face (Dubai): Five days | Media One Hotel | $3,475 +VAT

Also available on request in US / Asia timezones

Course outline

Day 1: Reputation and Issues Management

This module covers how to manage corporate reputation strategically in communication and stakeholder engagement.

  • Strategic reputation management
  • Reputation, authenticity and ethics
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Strategic issues management

Day 2: Crisis Communication Management

This module covers how to ready your communication function to respond rapidly and effectively in a crisis, in order to manage perceptions in media and online.

  • Crisis communication strategy
  • Crisis radar: risk assessment and issues mapping
  • Crisis systems, teams and protocols
  • Crisis communication resources and planning

Day 3: Crisis Management in Social Media

This module covers how to take command of communication in a crisis situation across all key social platforms including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

  • Principles of online crisis communication and PR
  • Digital channels and platforms for crisis communications
  • Online crisis communication strategy and planning
  • Online crisis communication response and engagement

Day 4:  Handling the Media in a Crisis

This module covers how to engage the press during a PR crisis and how to take control of communication in the crucial early moments after a negative news event. 

  • Rapid response: seizing the golden hour
  • Crisis messaging and positioning
  • Managing crisis news and media dynamics

Day 5: Crisis Media Training

This module covers how to speak with journalists and media in a crisis, including the opportunity for realistic on-camera interviews with positive and supportive coaching. 

  • Structured preparation using a step-by-step model
  • Preparing crisis-appropriate positioning and messages
  • Anticipating and preparing answers for likely questions
  • Managing aggressive or pushy questioning
  • Staying calm and dignified under persistent questioning
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What you will learn

After this course you will be able to:

  • Prepare a crisis communication strategy and practical plan

  • Conduct crisis risk assessment including issues mapping

  • Design best-practice crisis communication systems, teams and protocols

  • Create crisis resources such as manuals and online platforms

  • Manage communication proactively during and after a crisis event

  • Create decisive crisis messages, positioning and response tactics response

  • Engage confidently with journalists and in social media during a crisis

  • Perform effectively even in the most challenging of crisis interviews

Who should attend?

This is an advanced-level course designed for learners in senior roles, aspiring to mastery and innovation. Learning is pitched at a level to help you to synthesise best practice and direct strategic implementation. This course is recommended for all those involved in planning, preparing and responding to a crisis affecting an organisation, whether as executive managers, spokespeople or communication professionals.