Q&A: ISOC trainer Janet Murray on developing content for social media

How did you get involved in social media and writing social content?

I’ve always been interested in social media, but I was really inspired when I started to use social media much more strategically to market my training and consultancy business about two years ago. The potential to build relationships with potential customers and stakeholders is massive and I love that it’s constantly changing.  T

The digital space rapidly evolving: what changes have you seen in the way social content is created over the past five years?

In the past, people paid for greater visibility on the web (or even cheated their way to the top of search engines). These days,  there’s a much greater emphasis on creating quality content that people want to share, which is a good thing.

What are the biggest mistakes the people make when developing social content?

Not having a strategy behind their social media activities. You have to know what you want to achieve, who you want to reach and be able to measure the impact of your activities…otherwise social media can be a big timewaster.   Many organisations spend a lot of time developing great copy online – but it doesn’t get shared.

Why is that? What do organisations need to do differently?

When content isn’t shared, it’s usually because the creator hasn’t thought about the needs of their audience. Most of us are intrinsically selfish: we want content that will help us solve our problems, make our day easier or even just entertain us. But too many organisations are creating content that is simply navel-gazing: updates on what is happening in their organisation, mainly…and who is likely to be interested in that?

Which organisations do you think are getting their creative social copy right at the moment?

Like it or not, many of the fast food brands like Oreo, Dominos and Pepsi.

You’ll be running a workshop with ISOC on creating social content, what can participants expect to take away from the session?

Practical strategies for creating shareable content that will help your organisation achieve its business objectives – without appearing too corporate or salesy.

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