Case Study: Google and KitKat share a stroke of creative genius

Google has just announced that its new Android operating system will be called KitKat. Nestle seems to have taken this new name as a advertising, marketing and PR gift.

A new KitKat wrapper featuring the Android robot.

Google’s developers came up with the name after the developers snacking mainly on KitKats as they developed the  new operating system. According to media reports, Google reached out to Nestle to ask permission and the deal was confirmed within 24 hours. According to both companies, no money has exchanged hands and both see it as a win win deal for both.

KitKat Android robot outside Google’s HQ.

Nestle has started a massive branding exercise on its chocolate bars and created a number of social media activities linking to Google’s new operating system. There are also 50 million chocolate bars worldwide featuring the Android robot and the KitKat Android robot will be rolled out in 19 countries.

Most likely a stroke of marketing and PR genius, although several commentators have also remarked that there are potential risks: if Nestle were to have a recall of KitKat bars or if the Android phones were to face a security lapse – it could potentially damage the other’s brand. Whether this is a match made in heaven or not, only time will tell – but I give my thumbs up to the creativity, especially from Nestle, as the new Android operating system is launched.