Presentation training in private group courses

Customised group courses enable teams of people from the same organisation to join presentation training  together for public speaking skills.

Private group courses share the same rigorous theory base and inspiring methodology as all ISOC public speaking programmes. Training is based around four dimensions:

  • Voice and body
  • Content and structure
  • Audience engagement
  • Quality of execution

Sessions comprise voice drills, and body language exercises, best practice briefings, discussions and role-plays. In the centrepiece, participants practice delivering work-related presentations which are videotaped and replayed for trainer-led coaching and practical, constructive feedback.


Tailor-made courses are a good solution because they let focus the session tightly around your particular needs. Private courses let you practice sensitive or confidential material, and also work well as a team-building exercise.

We will work with you in advance to determine exactly what your people need from the session, then draw up a customised programme to meet the required learning goals. We will build workshops that are directly relevant to your organisation, your people and the types of presentation that are most relevant for them in terms of content, audience and style.

Training can be delivered either at your offices, or at another location if more convenient.


After the session, participants take away:

  • A comprehensive presentation skills training manual including all key principles, detailed background and analysis expanding on the topics covered in training. The manual is designed to complement the training and act as an on-going reference guide for participants to keep on their desks or bookshelves.
  • Filmed presentations on USB memory stick (provided within one week of training).
  • A copy of all PowerPoint presentations used during the training.