What you will learn in ISOC presentation skills training

On an ISOC presentation skills course, you will learn to see and hear yourself as others do:


  • Understand the mechanics and physiology of breathing and vocalisation
  • Project your voice more powerfully for greater authority
  • Improve your vocal tone, pace, clarity, quality and enunciation
  • Prepare your voice for public speaking with practical drills and warm-up exercises


  • Master your own body language through self-awareness
  • Build physical presence and confidence
  • Signal authority through your stance and posture
  • Use movement and gesture effectively to make your point


  • Prepare a presentation by selecting effective messages, topics and themes
  • Analyse the audience and occasion to develop targeted positioning
  • Power up your language and rhetoric to win attention, interest and memory
  • Explain complex ideas so that everyone will understand, care and respond


  • Organise what you have to say with a clear and coherent structure
  • Make your information easier to absorb using narrative, framing and focus techniques
  • Open and close your presentation with a memorable introduction and conclusion
  • Illustrate your ideas effectively with visual aids such as PowerPoint


  • Connect with your audience through meaningful interaction
  • Involve, reference and consult your audience to link them to you and your topic
  • Break the ice at the beginning, call to action at the end
  • Handle difficult questions professionally


  • Speak in public with new-found confidence and presence
  • Deliver much more influential, memorable and convincing presentations and speeches
  • Overcome the effects of nervousness, stress and fear of public speaking
  • Practicalities: speaking notes, slides, timing, microphones, autocues, webcasting, etc.