Consulting support for strategic presentations

Important and technical presentations are tough to develop. Presenters need to explain complex ideas in a clear and simple way. They must weave together clear messaging with persuasive arguments. They need to build a logical structure with a coherent narrative, backed up by slick and professional visual aids. All of this can be challenging to achieve in-house, particularly against a deadline.

ISOC presentation experts can lighten the load and optimise content for those presentations that really matter.

We will advise and assist with:

  • Strategic messages and positioning
  • Overall structure and frameworking
  • Templating and harmonising styles
  • Integrating content from multiple teams
  • Narrative and scripting
  • Visual aids and imagery
  • Information visualisation
  • PowerPoint features (templates, transitions, animations etc)

For full collaboration projects we embed one or more specialist consultants or designers within the team developing the presentation. We can also take a light touch, giving early advice on the strategy and framework or weighing in at the end to polish up the visual aids.

ISOC presentation experts can also add value to rehearsals including:

  • Performance coaching for presenters
  • Live implementation of necessary changes to slides

Track record

It works. ISOC consultants have worked behind the scenes on very high-profile presentations including recently:

  • The successful launch of an interplanetary space mission
  • A successful pitch to a Head of State to approve a $20 billion infrastructure project
  • Two successful pitches for multi-billion dollar transportation projects