ISOC media trainers are inspirational, expert coaches

Media training results depend entirely on quality coaching. The best media trainers have a strong track record in four areas:

  • Experience in journalism and news
  • Understanding of strategic communications and PR
  • Expertise in teaching and coaching
  • Knowledge of your topic, sector and location

Beware media trainers whose credentials are pure journalism. Very experienced reporters are often weak media trainers because news-making is only one part of the picture. They don’t know what they don’t know, but they do come with an ego.

The best media trainers are also experienced communications professionals. They can advise you on specialist topics like strategic messaging and corporate reputation management.

The strongest media trainers are also effective personal coaches. They have the practical teaching expertise to lead training that will inspire you and measurably improve your performance.

ISOC media trainers

Every media trainer in the ISOC Accredited Trainer Programme has rounded and proven expertise in journalism, communications and coaching.

We have experience coaching all levels of spokespeople from NGO staff and start-up owners to multinational CEOs, prime ministers and royalty. Together we have media trained more than 5,000 spokespeople in more than 30 countries over more than 15 years.

ISOC media training coaches are director-level communications and PR professionals with decades of experience at the highest levels of business and government. ISOC training journalists are all seasoned interviewers with recent or on-going experience with the biggest names in the media, including BBC, Reuters, CNN, Dow Jones Newswires, Sky, Bloomberg, CNBC and most of the main European newspapers. Their professional fields range from specialist corporate, political and financial reporters to TV news anchors and foreign correspondents.

Who will be my trainer?

When you request media training, we will propose a selection of available trainers whose profile and experience most closely matches your learning needs – in particular, relevant experience with your subject matter and sector.