Live online media training

Media training is usually delivered face to face at an ISOC training centre or client venue. A mobile TV studio including camera, sound and lighting rigs is set up to record scenario-based interview simulations for feedback and coaching.

Media training can also be delivered remotely via live online videoconferencing, using a very similar methodology. You will learn best practice from the same briefings and discussions. We will guide you through a structured interview preparation process based on realistic, customized media scenarios. We will record and replay simulated interviews within the videoconferencing system.


Live online media training has several advantages. It gives access to the worldwide pool of ISOC accredited trainers including all major languages. Working online is also a good option for tight budgets because it eliminates travel, hotel and venue costs. It is useful for training widely distributed teams who would not otherwise come together. It is ideal when preparing for specific remote formats such as webcasts, webchats or down-the-line interviews.

Live online or face to face?

Live online media training is not always preferable. Face-to-face training can be direct, intense and engaging in a way that sometimes gets better learning outcomes. Working with real cameras, lights and microphones helps spokespeople become relaxed and comfortable in broadcast interviews. In-person coaching is usually more appropriate for senior executives and VIPS.

Next steps

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