Live online training

All ISOC training can be delivered remotely as a private course on the ISOC live online training platform.

Live e-learning is available on request and works for everything from one-on-one executive coaching to group training for up to 25 learners located worldwide.

The live online training experience is very similar to face-to-face ISOC courses. Our videoconferencing system lets learners interact directly with the trainer just as they would in the classroom, with many opportunities for active learning and individual feedback.

Live e-learning courses at ISOC use a full range of online learning features and activities including video case studies, quizzes, simulations, role plays, discussions and interactive games.


Live e-learning is time-efficient and also cost-effective because it eliminates travel, accommodation and venue costs for learners.

You can access the worldwide pool of ISOC accredited trainers, including specialists based in other ISOC locations.

The technical requirements are minimal: you can log in on a smartphone or tablet using an app, or on your laptop using a browser. It works adaptively even over mobile data or slower broadband connections.


You can request any standard ISOC course catalogue to be delivered live online for your team. The online version of the course covers the same content and learning outcomes, with workshops and interactive elements redesigned for online.

You can also commission a custom live e-learning course to fit a particular brief, using the same competency-based processes used for face-to-face courses.

Topics include:

  • Live online media training
  • Live online public speaking training
  • Live online crisis simulation
  • Live online soft skills training
  • Live online public relations and communications courses

Next steps

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