This five-day writing training course is a practical master-class for communication professionals. You will build a foundation of universal techniques to enhance the impact of your writing, then apply them in stimulating exercises across many specialised formats. Topics include press releases, long-form articles and features, opinion and persuasion pieces, case studies, “colour” stories including profiles and biographies, content for social media and websites, micro-writing for Twitter and SMS, and spoken-word formats such as speeches and video scripts.

  • Day 1: Writing for PR and Media Relations
  • Day 2: Press release writing
  • Day 3: Writing for social media and the Web
  • Day 4: Copy-writing for communications and PR
  • Day 5: Speech writing

Who should attend?

This is a universal course designed for learners at different levels and in a range of roles. Learning is pitched at a core level, designed to help you analyse core concepts and execute universal skills.

This course is recommended for PR and communication professionals at all levels who would benefit from an in-depth immersion course to raise the value of their writing skills.

Learning outcomes

  • Amplify the impact of everything that you write, from press releases and case studies to emails and blog-posts
  • Write powerful and newsworthy press releases quickly and instinctively
  • Adapt and develop texts for the different needs of readers on the Web, including website content, blogs and other social media, and micro-format writing like Twitter
  • Deploy a range of specialised writing formats including OpEds, PR case studies, placed features and advertorials
  • Plan, outline and draft well-structured and speeches using powerful language for the spoken word

Course outline

Day 1: Writing for PR and Media Relations

This one-day module teaches high-impact everyday writing skills that can amplify the impact of everything we write, from press releases and case studies to emails and blog-posts. Principles of writing for PR

  • Writing for news value
  • Tighter PR writing: clarity, precision and focus
  • Writing for impact: word-craft for PR

Day 2: Press release writing

This one-day module covers the fundamentals of good press release writing, from news angles to structure, language and distribution, including how to optimise content for the online space.

  • Press release essentials
  • Press release presentation: structure and format
  • Press release content: news, language and colour
  • Press releases online: search and social media impact

Day 3: Writing for social media and the Web

This one-day module covers how to write content for websites, blogs, social media and many other online platforms, in a way that makes your ideas resonate and stick in the digital world.

  • Principles of writing for the Web
  • Writing website content
  • Writing for blogs and social networks
  • Micro-writing: Twitter, Status, SMS and the mobile Web


Day 4: Copy-writing for communications and PR

This one-day module builds versatile skills for many specialist written formats, including opinion editorials, case studies, features and advertorials.

  • Copy-writing for persuasion
  • Copy-writing for colour
  • Copy-writing for depth
  • Copy-writing for voice

Day 5: Speech writing

This one-day module covers the specialist techniques of speech writing, from outlining a well-structured framework to mastering the fine art of rhetoric.

  • Speech planning
  • Speech structure and flow
  • Language for the spoken word
  • Essential components and delivery
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