This two-day course focuses on how to promote and encourage happiness, health and wellness into the workplace. It covers how to create a health and wellness strategy in the workplace and build a successful in-house programme which looks at nutrition, fitness and stress management. You will also learn how to communicate your corporate wellness programme internally and externally and measure its effectiveness.

This course covers the following modules:

  • Creating a wellness strategy for the workplace
  • Building a successful wellness programme
  • Nutrition in the workplace
  • Fitness in the workplace
  • Stress management
  • Corporate happiness and motivation
  • Communicating a wellness strategy and programme

Who should attend?

This is a universal course designed for a wide range of learners. Training is pitched at a level to help you analyse core concepts and execute universal skills.  This course is recommended for managers of all kinds who would like to raise motivation, happiness and productivity in their teams. It is also of particular interest for those working in communications and HR.

Learning outcomes

  • Create a wellness strategy with built-in measurement criteria
  • Identify ways to encourage healthy eating in the workplace
  • Implement a fitness programme to encourage fitness and movement in the workplace
  • Identify ways to counter negative stress in the workplace
  • Implement an internal communications strategy for the corporate wellness programme

Course outline

Creating a strategy for workplace wellness

This module covers why employers should invest in a wellness programme, and how to go about it.

  • Why consider workplace wellness?
  • Benefits to employers
  • Benefits to employees
  • Attract, retain and motivate talent
  • Positive corporate culture
  • Measurement of success and reporting


This module covers practical approaches to healthy eating that help keep us happy and energised.

  • Food types and how they interact with your body and health
  • Encouraging healthy eating in the workplace
  • Food diaries
  • Recognising effort and celebrating success
  • Tools and tips


This module covers how fitness contributes to wellness, and how to get people active and energised.

  • A look at the science behind fitness and how to measure it
  • Developing a programme to encourage fitness initiatives
  • Getting people moving in the workplace
  • Tools and tips – five simple ways to introduce fitness and movement (physical session)

Stress management

This module covers how to counter negative stress in the workplace.

  • The science behind occupational stress
  • Benefits and risks of stress in the workplace
  • Mindfulness, visualisation and internal voice management
  • Ergonomics, ambiance and atmosphere
  • Coaching for stress management

Happiness, motivation and teamwork

This module covers how to link up all of the components of a wellness programme into a practical strategy that reinforces team spirit.

  • Developing a wellness strategy and programme in the corporate environment
  • Creating a strategy and programme of activities to encourage wellness
  • How to manage a successful team building activity
  • Measurement and reporting

Communicating a wellness strategy and programme effectively

This module covers how to launch a workplace wellness programme and tell employees about it in a way that engages and inspires them.

  • Creating a communication plan for the wellness programme
  • Ensuring buy-in and encouraging continuous engagement
  • “By the team, for the team”: empowering colleagues to help design the programme
  • Creating an effective programme launch to create excitement and encourage participants
  • External communication – sharing success stories and content externally
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