This one-day press conference training course covers best-practice techniques for preparing and managing successful news conferences, from concept to execution. You will learn strategic planning and resource preparation and then, through realistic role-play simulations, the art of managing the press pack, hosting, fielding questions, and handling difficult situations.

This course covers the following modules:

  • Press conference planning
  • Preparing for a press conference
  • Press conference execution
  • Press conference facilitation

Who should attend?

This is an intermediate-level course designed for learners with existing knowledge and several years of experience in communications or PR. Learning is pitched at a level to help you develop strategic approaches and apply sophisticated techniques.

This course is recommended for all managers, executives, communication and PR professionals required to plan, organise and participate in press conferences.

Learning outcomes

After this course you will be able to:

  • Feel equipped with the knowledge and skills to prepare and execute professional and effective press conferences
  • Judge if and when it is appropriate to hold a news conference
  • Create a press conference plan including a reputational risk assessment
  • Prepare venues, resources, materials and spokespeople for a press conference
  • Make a press conference happen through effective media management in advance
  • Organise, host, facilitate and troubleshoot a press conference on the day
  • Field questions and manage the press pack around your spokespeople

Course outline

Press conference planning

This module covers best practice in planning press conferences: when and how to use them, based on case studies of successful and effective execution.

  • Strategic preparation
  • Understanding the role and purpose of press conferences
  • Decision factors: is this the right tool for the job?

Preparing for a press conference

This module covers how to prepare venues, resources, materials and spokespeople for a press conference.

  • Venue selection and room set-up
  • Message development
  • Who speaks: spokesperson and team selection
  • Briefing and preparing spokespeople
  • Spokesperson resources: Q&As, talking points

Press conference execution

This module is a practical primer in how to make a press conference happen.

  • Invitations and media lists: who to invite and how
  • Advance media relations: securing attendance
  • Preparing media resources: press kits

Press conference facilitation

This module covers the role of the PR professional in hosting, chairing, stage-managing and troubleshooting a press conference.

  • Hosting a press conference: introductions, transitions, closing etc.
  • Fielding questions
  • Intervening: when and how to protect your spokespeople
  • Before and after: working media on the side-lines
  • Troubleshooting and handling difficult situations
  • Debriefing and evaluation
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