Reputation and Issues Management is a one-day training course about how to manage corporate reputation strategically in communication and stakeholder engagement. Topics include strategy, current models and approaches to reputation and issues, and the practical side of key concepts such as authenticity and ethical business practice. You will learn how to promote and defend your organisation’s reputation by taking a strategic approach to reputation and issues management.

This course covers the following modules:

  • Strategic reputation management
  • Reputation, authenticity and ethics
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Strategic issues management

Who should attend

This is an advanced-level course designed for learners in senior roles, aspiring to mastery and innovation. Learning is pitched at a level to help you to synthesise best practice and direct strategic implementation.

This course is recommended for senior communicators who are looking at building a strategic approach to reputation and issues management for their organisation.

Learning outcomes

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Understanding of what reputation and issues management is and involves
  • Take a strategic approach and demonstrate value to/ engage the organisation
  • Understand the need for engagement and authenticity in a “bottom up”
  • Navigate reputational issues in social media
  • Appreciate the implications of corporate responsibility both for communications professionals, but also for the wider organisation


Course outline

Strategic reputation management

This module covers universal principles, concepts and modern best practice underlying reputation and issues management.

  • Reputation drivers
  • Shaping online perceptions
  • Different tools for stakeholder mapping
  • Outside in and inside out perceptions

Reputation, authenticity and ethics

This module examines the components and content of reputational value in the current communication environment, with a focus on authentic practices.

  • The role of corporate responsibility
  • Shaping your organisation’s reputation
  • Authentic communications
  • Creating and living corporate values

Stakeholder engagement

This module covers the practicalities of reputation management through multiple communication channels, including in challenging situations.

  • Managing reputations and perceptions in different circumstances
  • Building confidence and trust
  • Engaging with stakeholders in a crisis
  • Tools and examples for bridging the “perception gap” with stakeholders

Strategic issues management

This module covers issues management from a big-picture perspective: the role of reputation as an organisation’s social “licence to operate”.

  • Understanding your organisation’s reputation drivers
  • Managing risk and reputation for your organisation
  • Creating a strategic issues management system within your organisation
  • Applying a strategic approach from group to local level