Copy-Writing for Communications and PR is a one-day copy-writing training course for communications and PR professionals. It builds versatile skills for all kinds of writing, including opinion editorials, case studies, features, and advertorials. You will learn quick and practical techniques to help get your message across in writing, whatever the topic and format.

This course covers the following modules:

  • Copy-writing for persuasion
  • Copy-writing for colour
  • Copy-writing for depth
  • Copy-writing for voice

Who should attend

This is an intermediate-level course designed for learners with existing knowledge and several years of experience in communications or PR. Learning is pitched at a level to help you develop strategic approaches and apply sophisticated techniques.

This course is recommended for PR and communications professionals who would like to expand or refine their writing skills to include new formats.

Learning outcomes

  • Write a persuasive opinion editorial that will generate publicity or reputational benefits
  • Write case studies that showcase your organisation’s successes
  • Write colour pieces including profiles and biographies
  • Use long-form writing techniques to outline deeper articles such as annual report content and feature stories
  • Write advertorials of genuine editorial interest
  • Write strong texts for the spoken word, including speeches and video scripts

Course outline

Copy-writing for persuasion

This module covers the core principles of writing effective opinion pieces for publication.

  • Ghost-writing OpEds on behalf of senior individuals in your organisation
  • Selecting and refining messages and news angles for OpEds
  • Opportunistic news writing response: letters to the editor
  • Workshop: plan and outline an opinion editorial for your organisation

Copy-writing for colour

This module covers the core principles of writing effective case studies, profiles and biographies.

  • Bring messages to life by adding reality, personality and colour
  • The case study writing formula: problem-solution-result
  • People writing: profiles and biographies
  • Workshop: plan and outline a case study for your organisation

Copy-writing for depth

This module covers how to select and plan concepts and topics for features, annual reports and other extended formats.

  • Six practical structure tools and techniques for long-form writing
  • Ideation and development for longer articles
  • Planning, negotiating and placing features in news publications
  • Workshop: plan and outline a news feature for your organisation with coaching and feedback

Copy-writing for voice

This module covers writing for the spoken word, such as speeches and video scripts.

  • Writing for the lung, not the eye: special considerations
  • Principles of spoken vs written language
  • Developing scripts for a particular voice
  • Video scripts and presentation scripts

Looking for more?

Copy-writing for Communications and PR is a standalone course — but you can also take it as part of one of the following longer Programmes:

Applied Communications and PR Programme (5 days)

Writing for Communications and PR Programme (5 days)

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