Your brand is the vehicle that propels your product or service into your customer’s lives, and into their hearts. A good brand is much more than an attractive image combined with some witty type. Your brand must reflect the heart and soul of your product, and offer a promise that you can live up to.

This three-day course covers the many skills, concepts roles and responsibilities involved with brand management. You will learn how approaches to branding are evolving over time and how organisations interact with their brands to create value.

You will master the classical marketing “Ps” to strengthen your brand. You will also explore the different levels of your brand (e.g. elements, attributes, personality and core values), and how each plays an important role in developing and maintaining strong relationships with your customers.

This course contains the following modules:

  • Core concepts:
  • Developing brand statements
  • Developing a brand name and slogan
  • Creating a visual identity
  • Living your brand
  • Connecting your brand with customers and stakeholders
  • Monitoring brand health
  • Re-branding and re-launching

Learning outcomes

After this course you will be able to:

  • Define what a brand is (particularly a strong brand) and what branding is about
  • Define various types of brand architecture and brand extension
  • Identify your brand’s products, the features of those products, and their values
  • Write a mission, vision, and style statement for a brand
  • Describe the basics of positioning a brand
  • Understand the basics of creating a visual identity, including a brand name, slogan, and logo
  • Help your employees live the brand by empowering them to be ambassadors and creating strong brand touchpoints
  • Effectively plan an internal and external brand launch
  • Monitor and evaluate your brand, and understand how to respond to the results


Course Outline

Core concepts

  • What makes popular brands stand out?
  • How to identify key brand elements

Developing brand statements

  • Creating a mission statement
  • Creating a vision statement
  • Creating a positioning statement
  • Creating a style statement

Developing a brand name and slogan

  • Creating a brand name
  • Developing a slogan

Visual identity

  • Basics of graphic design
  • Image perception
  • Colour spectrum analysis
  • Fonts and types of visual identities

Living your brand

  • How to transform company employees into brand ambassadors
  • How to create a unique experience at each brand touchpoint

Connecting with customers and stakeholders

  • 10 easy ways to connect with customers
  • Engaging stakeholders with a brand

Monitoring brand health

  • Ensuring your brand evolves with your company, your customers, and the marketplace.
  • Brand evaluation: balanced scorecard, Middleton Matrix, classical SWOT analysis
  • Interpreting results: six common signs a brand is in trouble

Launching, re-launching and re-branding

  • Refreshing a brand
  • Re-launching a brand
  • Re-branding
  • Beyond branding: brand architecture and brand extension.


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