ISOC delivers multi-course programmes built around the skills an organisation needs

Investing in individuals and teams involves a long-term commitment to professional development. Building capacity and raising performance Raising requires a systematic approach to identifying skills gaps and developing strategies to fill them.

Many clients come to ISOC looking for more than a single course. For them, we plan and build tailor-made training programmes that can develop the workforce holistically with exactly those competencies that the business needs – while also helping each person fulfil his or her individual potential.

Our approach to programme design is structured and systematic. We work closely with HR, Communications, PR, Training and People Development departments. ISOC programmes are sustained over months and even years.

We are an internationally accredited training provider. All ISOC courses are intensive, vocational and workplace-specific, designed to build practical hands-on skills.

Topics for course programmes

We train across the full range of communication skills:

  • Specialist PR skills for communication professionals communication training
  • Media training for spokespeople and interviews
  • Presentation skills for public speaking
  • Personal communication skills for professional development
  • Executive communication skills for managers and leaders
  • Workplace communication skills for interpersonal excellence
  • Crisis communication skills for disaster preparedness

Detailed descriptions of our open public courses are available at Any of these can be delivered or adapted as part of a custom course. We also have hundreds of additional modules that are too specialist to offer as an open course, but available for custom courses.

Whatever you need, we have probably delivered it already for an organisation like yours.

How it works

Competency mapping

We will work with you to define a matrix of skill-sets required at each level in all relevant aspects of communication skills, specific to your organisation’s needs and objectives.

Curriculum development

We will develop an integrated framework for the programme including clear unit descriptions defining the content, level, teaching methods, learning outcomes and assessment criteria for each topic.

Placement testing

We will assess each employee’s skill level on each communications competency using online testing and interview, in order to identify strengths, weaknesses and skill gaps at individual and team levels.

Individual development plans (IDPs)

We will work collaboratively to draft IDPs for each employee that prioritise skills gaps and areas with potential to deliver value for your organisation’s objectives. IDPs recommend a schedule of activities such as training and mentoring that will shape a rounded professional.

Programme development

We will recommend a schedule of priority training courses based on the most common skills gaps and the competencies required most urgently across your organisation to meet its objectives.

Course development

We will design, build and deliver customised training courses targeting the skill sets identified in your organisation’s competency matrix, with content tailored closely to your issues and your work.

Benchmarking, measurement, reporting

We help you to measure your return on investment by conducting rolling assessments at course and programme level, implementing feedback to improve training, and providing regular evidence-based progress reports.

Case studies

We have designed and delivered major multi-year in-house training programmes for organisations of all sizes including

  • The European Commission
  • The European Parliament
  • A national government, including all key ministries
  • Two top-five global energy companies