Corporate training

ISOC training helps organisations of all kinds to add value by investing in communication skills for their people. We train globally for public and private organisations of all sizes. We also train across all types of communication skills:

  • Specialist PR skills for communication professionals
  • Media training for spokespeople and interviews
  • Presentation skills for public speaking
  • Personal communication skills for professional development
  • Executive communication skills for managers and leaders
  • Workplace communication skills for interpersonal excellence
  • Crisis communication skills for disaster preparedness

Next steps: choose the training format that fits your needs.

  • Open public courses at our training centres in London and Dubai are flexible and cost-effective for one-off bookings or small groups. Browse courses…
  • Customised private courses can be tailored to specialised topics and organisational needs, and are usually better value for larger groups. Find out more…
  • One-on-one coaching is the best solution for senior executives needing individual attention. Find out more…
  • Strategic in-house programmes are the solution for organisations looking to build communication capacity over time across a range of skills. Find out more…

Capacity building and consulting

We also support companies with a range of advisory, consulting and facilitation services in areas beyond training where we can add value in raising capacity and effectiveness for corporate communication. These include: