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Independently accredited and globally recognised qualifications

Accredited qualificationA vocational “mini-Masters” in communication

The Edexcel BTEC Advanced Professional Qualifications in Communication and Public Relations are the first and only globally recognised, independently accredited postgraduate vocational qualification for communicators and PR.

  • All ISOC courses for PR and communication professionals are based on Advanced Professional Qualification modules. This means that whenever you train with ISOC, you can work towards an Award, Certificate or Diploma which in turn can provide credit for a university Master’s degree.
  • The ISOC Diploma is a vocational mini-Masters in communications: more practical and workplace-focused than an academic Master’s, equal in difficulty and status, but also smaller, quicker, more flexible and affordable.
  • The ISOC Diploma is the same academic level as a Master’s degree. The main difference is size: the Diploma involves around half the learning time and around half the cost.
  • The ISOC Diploma’s main advantage over academic programmes is its practical real-world focus. The Diploma is the world’s only vocational qualification in communications at the top postgraduate level. It is designed ground-up to build workplace skills that employers demand, not abstract theory.
  • The ISOC Diploma is widely recognised both as a standalone qualification and as a Master’s foundation programme. Universities typically require minimal further study plus a dissertation to convert an ISOC Diploma to a Master’s degree.
  • The Advanced Professional Qualifications are taught exclusively by ISOC.

About Edexcel

Edexcel is the largest global qualification provider and one of the UK’s largest examination boards. The company is owned by Pearson, the world’s largest education company. Edexcel awards two million certificates every year around the world and have 5,500 education partners in 110 countries. Edexcel conducts quality control audits of training and awards certificates to successful candidates.

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