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Purpose-built communication training programmes for organisations

Communication skills and PR training coursesSystematic and integrated training

Many ISOC clients are looking for more than a one-off course. Investing in individuals involves a long-term commitment to professional development. Investing in teams involves a systematic approach to identifying skills gaps and developing strategies to fill them.

We help organisations to plan and build tailor-made training programmes that help employees to fulfil their potential, and help the workforce as a whole grow exactly the right competencies that are needed to drive the business forward.

This often involves working closely with HR, Communications, PR, Training and People Development departments. Programmes can be integrated with the Edexcel professional qualification framework to work towards an accredited qualification.

Next steps

  • If you are considering a programme of learning for your organisation, contact us today to discuss how we can help.
  • Why not browse our open course list and note down the courses most relevant to your team.
  • Then give us a call or email to discuss how we can put together a programme that fits your needs. Contact details for your local ISOC centre are at the top right of this page.

Services include

Competency mapping

We will work with you to define a matrix of skill-sets required at each level in all relevant aspects of communication skills, specific to your organisation's needs and objectives.

Placement testing:

We will assess each employee's skill level on each communications competency using online testing and interview, in order to identify strengths, weaknesses and skill gaps at individual and team levels.

Individual development plans (IDPs)

We will work collaboratively to draft IDPs for each employee that prioritise skills gaps and areas with potential to deliver value for your organisation's objectives. IDPs recommend a schedule of activities such as training and mentoring that will shape a rounded professional.

Programme development

We will recommend a schedule of priority training courses based on the most common skills gaps and the competencies required most urgently across your organisation to meet its objectives.

Course development

We will design, build and deliver customised training courses targeting the skill sets identified in your organisation's competency matrix, with content tailored closely to your issues and your work.

Benchmarking, measurement, reporting

We help you to measure your return on investment by conducting rolling assessments at course and programme level, implementing feedback to improve training, and providing regular evidence-based progress reports.

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