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Crisis preparation by Jennifer Hardie

August 10, 2016

The heart of a professional crisis communications management system is a crisis handbook or manual – often known as “The Red Book” – which contains policy, contact information and templates: everything the local management and PR team need to react professionally when the alarm bell sounds. To be prepared for a crisis, an organisation should typically have the following in order:

Top tips for public affairs by Luke Robbins Grace

October 06, 2015

The thing you need to ask yourself at the start of any public affairs campaign or programme is this: Why would a politician or civil servant want to meet you or do something that would assist your organisation? You simply have to make sure it is in the public interest, and in theirs, to do so.

The golden hour - a valuable window of opportunity by Martin Alderton

June 08, 2015

During 15 years spent providing psychological support after more than 450 incidents across the world I’ve learnt that the basics of high quality Incident Management aren’t complicated. They can be broken down into Preparation, Response and Review.

Crisis and issues management

June 04, 2015

Video: ISOC's trainer, Philip Dewhurst 

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