All courses - alphabetical

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Advanced communication strategy 

Advanced communications and PR management 

Applied communications and PR (5 days)

Advanced social media for communications and PR (2 days)

Advanced social media seminar (5 days)

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) 

Communication strategy design and development

Creating video for the Web (2 days)

Creativity in communications and PR 

Crisis communication management 

Crisis communication seminar (5 days)

Crisis management in social media 

Crisis media and online communication

Directing strategic events 

Essential media relations 

Executive communication skills seminar (5 days)

Foundations in PR programme (5 days)

Intensive communications and PR programme (10 days)

Intensive media relations seminar (5 days)

Internal communications 

Introduction to communications and PR

Issues and reputation management

Managing successful meetings

Negotiation and persuasion (2 days)

Personal communication skills seminar (4 days)

Planning and managing PR campaigns 

Practical event management

Press conference management 

Press release writing 

Protocol, etiquette and hosting 

Presentation training for public speaking (2 days)

Resolving conflict

Reputation management in social media 

Social media communication and PR seminar (5 days)

Social media management for communications and PR (2 days)

Social media strategy for communications and PR

Specialised copywriting for communications and PR


Strategic communications and PR programme (5 days)

Strategic event management seminar (4 days)

Strategic media engagement 

Writing for communications and PR seminar (5 days)

Writing for the media

Writing for the web

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