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Multi-skill Programmes (multi day), Communication strategy, Skills for PR professionals

Strategic Communications and PR Programme (5 days)



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ISOC London
13 Grosvenor Place | Floor 3

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  • This communication strategy training course is a one-week masterclass for senior PR professionals. It is designed to develop leadership about the latest state of the art in international communications. The course covers PR strategy, campaign management, internal communication, media engagement and crisis communication. It runs in a small-group format to facilitate sharing of knowledge and experience among high-level peers.


    This course covers the following modules:

    • Day 1: Advanced communication strategy
    • Day 2: Strategic media relations
    • Day 3: Handling the media in a crisis
    • Day 4: Internal communications
    • Day 5: Advanced communications and PR management

    Who should attend?

    This is an advanced-level course designed for learners in senior roles, aspiring to mastery and innovation. Learning is pitched at a level to help you to synthesise best practice and direct strategic implementation.

    This course is recommended for senior PR managers, communications directors, agency account directors, communications managers, communications directors, government communications managers and directors.

    Learning outcomes

    After this course, you will be able to:

    • Feel up to date with thinking and practices at the most senior level in public relations
    • Reflect and discuss the latest ideas and developments in the industry
    • Develop complex and sophisticated communication strategies
    • Identify how, where and when to engage in the policy and legislative process
    • Engage with the media strategically at a top editorial level
    • Analyse the roles and functions of an ideal communication department
    • Create policies, procedures, materials and resources to facilitate the efficient running of your own communication department
    • Create crisis messages, positioning and response tactics response rapidly and decisively
    • Engage confidently with journalists and in online social media
    • Represent your organisation effectively even in the most challenging of crisis interviews

    Course outline

    Day 1: Advanced communication strategy

    This one-day module covers strategy at manager and director level, including creating and deploying sophisticated strategies for complex situations, large organisations, multiple countries and brands.

    • Evidence-based communication strategy: how to measure and prove the value of communication
    • Advanced strategy tools and concepts: specialised techniques for developing complex PR strategies
    • Justifying strategy: securing management support: how to get support from the top for ambitious PR strategies
    • Rolling out and managing a communication strategy: the systematic process of creating and deploying a PR strategy

    Day 2: Strategic media engagement 

    This one-day module covers sophisticated approaches to media relations that will enable PR professionals with some media experience to take their career to the next level.

    • Creative news and media management: how to generate creative news angles and secure prominent coverage even for borderline stories
    • Innovative media engagement tactics: how to engage journalists using innovative techniques
    • Online media relations: how to conduct media relations on the Web and align media relations work with online social media
    • Preparing and coaching spokespeople: how to brief and debrief spokespeople so that they perform effectively in interviews

    Day 3: Handling the media in a crisis

    This one-day module covers how to take control of communication in the crucial early moments after a negative news event.

    • Seizing the golden hour
    • Crisis positioning
    • Online crisis communication
    • Crisis media engagement

    Day 4: Internal communications

    This module covers how to plan, design and deploy communications campaigns aimed at employees and colleagues

    • Internal tools and tactics
    • Case studies of successful internal engagement
    • Recognition and reward
    • Communicating corporate values
    • Change management
    • Employee motivation and engagement
    • Overcoming common pitfalls

    Day 5: Advanced communications and PR management

    This one-day module covers best practice in designing and managing communication departments and directing major PR campaigns.

    • Managing a strategic PR department: best practice in running a PR function, from the perspective of communication managers and directors
    • Policies, processes, materials and resources: how to design operational systems based on best practice
    • Advanced communication programme management: how to lead and manage high-profile PR and communications programmes that deliver results against communication strategies
    • Campaign budgeting and financial management: how to plan and manage budgets for communication departments and campaigns

User reviews 15 users commented so far Add your review

Anonymous says:
I am very grateful for this training programme; great lecturers with loads of experience, sharing and adapting. Top notch!
- good mix of trainers (great communicators!) with massive experience and willing to adapt the training to suit the audience's needs
- venue staff (ISOC London) great; super communication before and during training event!
Anonymous rated the course
BT says:
Here and there materials need refreshing, however the level of the programme was just right and overall, I enjoyed the training week.
BT rated the course
Erasmus - Electricity Company of Ghana says:
What I liked most was the presentations and delivery thereof - the trainers were fantastic!
Erasmus rated the course
Waheed says:
Good venue, friendly staff, outstanding trainers - I am returning to my workplace confident and inspired.
Waheed rated the course
Eunice says:
I liked the way classes were tailored to our needs. Trainers are highly experienced and venue staff outstanding.
Eunice rated the course
Rami AlTwijri says:
The overall impression of the course was outstanding - it was among the best I have experienced.
Rami rated the course
Anonymous says:
I just loved it!

The trainers were fantastic, very open and professional, with the right know how and friendly too! The content was very up to date.
Anonymous rated the course
Arina says:
There were so many practical exercises! I just loved it.
Arina rated the course
Safia says:
I loved that we had more than one trainer, and each one of them brought different experiences and knowledge, allowing us a really valuable exchange with all of them.
Safia rated the course
Fatma says:
It was just amazing
Fatma rated the course
Sara says:
The course gives you great knowledge about communications and what you can accomplish when you start thinking strategically.

The trainers of the course are exceptionally talented. All of them were fantastic. Very inspiring women with lots of know-how, bringing in amazing examples about different comms campaigns.
Sara rated the course
Anonymous says:
Very experience trainers, very practical examples and very relevant to my role at work. Extremely helpful. Thank you!
Anonymous rated the course
Nkiruka Uduma says:
Fantastic content, trainers, resources, facilities, food and location! I'm looking forward to planning another training trip in 2016!
Nkiruka rated the course
Fred says:
The trainers were great, especially Elly Smedley.
Fred rated the course
Anonymous says:
The course was good and the trainers were brilliant.
Anonymous rated the course
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