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Focused Immersion Seminars (multi day), Crisis communication

Crisis Communication Programme (5 days)



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  • This five-day advanced crisis communication training programme covers PR crisis strategy and response in both traditional and social media. You will learn to create systems enabling immediate crisis communication, and to direct practical media and online engagement. Training includes videotaped interview coaching in a realistic rolling crisis scenario.


    This course covers the following modules:

    • Day 1: Crisis communication management
    • Day 2: Reputation and issues management
    • Day 3: Handling the media in a crisis
    • Day 4: Reputation management in social media
    • Day 5: Crisis management in social media

    Who should attend?

    This is an advanced-level course designed for learners in senior roles, aspiring to mastery and innovation. Learning is pitched at a level to help you to synthesise best practice and direct strategic implementation.

    This course is recommended for all those involved in planning, preparing and responding to a crisis affecting an organisation, whether as executive managers, spokespeople or communication professionals.

    Learning outcomes

    After this course, you will be able to:

    • Prepare a crisis communication strategy and practical plan
    • Conduct crisis risk assessment including issues mapping
    • Design best-practice crisis communication systems, teams and protocols
    • Create crisis resources such as manuals and online platforms
    • Manage communication proactively during and after a crisis event
    • Create decisive crisis messages, positioning and response tactics response
    • Engage confidently with journalists and in social media during a crisis
    • Perform effectively even in the most challenging of crisis interviews

    Course outline

    Day 1: Crisis communication management

    This module covers how to ready your communication function to respond rapidly and effectively in a crisis, in order to manage perceptions in media and online.

    • Crisis communication strategy
    • Crisis radar: risk assessment and issues mapping
    • Crisis systems, teams and protocols
    • Crisis communication resources and planning

    Day 2: Reputation and issues management

    This module covers how to manage corporate reputation strategically in communication and stakeholder engagement.

    • Strategic reputation management
    • Reputation, authenticity and ethics
    • Stakeholder engagement
    • Strategic issues management

    Day 3: Handling the media in a crisis

    This module covers how to engage the press during a PR crisis and how to take control of communication in the crucial early moments after a negative news event.

    • Seizing the golden hour
    • Crisis positioning
    • Online crisis communication
    • Crisis media engagement

    Day 4: Reputation management in social media

    This module deals with how to track your reputation online and design your online output and engagement such that stakeholders get the right message when they search or discuss your brand online.

    • Blogging and content production
    • Media engagement online
    • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
    • Monitoring and engagement

    Day 5: Crisis management in social media

    This module covers how to take command of communication in a crisis situation across all key social platforms including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

    • Principles of online crisis communication and PR
    • Digital channels and platforms for crisis communications
    • Online crisis communication strategy and planning
    • Online crisis communication response and engagement

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Anonymous says:
The trainers were outstanding, thank you for thought provoking discussions.
Anonymous rated the course
Mohammed Al-Asaadi says:
This seminar covered all the relevant topics, trainers had a lot of experience and the venue and staff were outstanding.
Mohammed rated the course
Eva says:
All of the trainers were brilliant, and very experienced.
Eva rated the course
Ainel Kainazarova says:
My overall impression was really good - the curriculum, workshops and exercises as well as printed training materials met expectations.
Ainel rated the course
Ayun Sundari says:
This seminar was generally pleasing and enjoyable.
Ayun rated the course
Kummam Al-Maadeed says:
The course is great. The experience was very educating. The trainers are experts and they present a huge amount of valuable information what would take years of experience to learn.
Kummam rated the course
Gizem Beton Arat says:
Jenni was an amazing trainer! I will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues and friends
Gizem rated the course
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