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Personal communication skills

Negotiation Skills



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ISOC London
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  • Negotiation Skills is a one-day advanced training course on negotiation strategies and techniques. This course opens up a toolbox of proven techniques for gaining advantage in all forms of negotiations, whether with suppliers, customers, regulators, colleagues or employees. You will learn to define entry, exit and negotiating positions, manage relationships and negotiating dynamics, and secure a fair deal that optimises your interests. 


    This course covers the following modules:

    • Preparing a negotiation strategy
    • Negotiation technique toolbox
    • Negotiation in practice: workshops

    Who should attend?

    This is an advanced-level course designed for learners in senior roles, aspiring to mastery and innovation. Learning is pitched at a level to help you to synthesise best practice and direct strategic implementation.

    This course is recommended for all managers and professionals in all roles and levels who are called upon to plan, manage or conduct negotiations of any kind, whether suppliers, customers, regulators, colleagues or employees.

    Learning outcomes

    After this course, you will be able to:

    • Prepare a negotiation strategy, taking account of entry and exit positions
    • Master and deploy a range of effective negotiation tactics
    • Manage and execute negotiations using personal communication skills to optimise outcomes for your organisation

    Course outline

    Preparing a negotiation strategy

    This module covers strategy and best practice in planning for negotiation.

    • Entry and exit positions
    • Issues and negotiating positions
    • Managing relationships
    • Expected outcomes and consequences

    Negotiation technique toolbox

    This module covers tried-and-tested tactics that you can apply in any form of negotiation.

    • Simulating power dynamics
    • Iterative negotiation techniques
    • BATNA analysis
    • Teamwork in negotiation
    • Lessons from case studies of successful negotiation

    Negotiation in practice: workshops

    This module is a 100% practical series of negotiation simulation exercises and role-plays in which you will apply and refine your newly-learned negotiation approaches and techniques.

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Ahmed says:
I liked how the trainer (David Stringer) related the course to my needs and cases. Also the coaching through the challenges I have really helped, the added value tips provided by David was great.
Ahmed rated the course
R.B. says:
Very good delivery by Zee Kanderian. The content was great but what was even better was the flexability to adapt to each participant's requirements.
R.B. rated the course
Anonymous says:
I'm very glad to have attended the training. I look forward to another one with Rebecca Hill.
Anonymous rated the course
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