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Communication management

Planning and managing PR campaigns



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  • A one-day intermediate training course covering practical approaches to planning and managing PR campaigns

    Course outline

    From innovative tactics to effective execution

    This course covers the complete process of translating strategy into results using practical approaches to PR planning and management.

    It introduces a menu of 10 universal of ingredients for effective campaigns, and a toolbox of planning techniques. You will learn to roll out campaigns smoothly, manage partners and suppliers, and troubleshoot effectively.

    Who should attend

    This is an intermediate-level course designed for learners with existing knowledge and several years of experience in communications or PR. Learning is pitched at a level to help you develop strategic approaches and apply sophisticated techniques.

    This course is recommended for all communications professionals up to and including director level who need to enhance their understanding and practical skills in planning and managing PR campaigns.


    This course covers the following modules:

    • Communication campaign planning
    • Universal platforms for effective campaigns
    • Practical communication project management
    • Managing suppliers and working with agencies

    The topics covered by each module are detailed below.

    About this course

    What to expect

    This course is a highly practical, vocational, “how-to” programme based around real-world tools, checklists and processes that will be immediately useful to you back in your day job.

    You will not have to sit through long lectures or presentations – this course uses active learning to help you internalise the topic and apply it in the real world.

    Training format

    This course comprises four modules each covering a set of key concepts and skills.

    Within each module, best practice and key concepts are covered off in a concise briefing, followed by stimulating learning activities like workshops, discussions, case studies and role-play exercises.


    Looking for more? You can also take this course as part of a multi-day programme:

    Learning outcomes

    After this course you will be able to:

    • Plan a communication campaign for your organisation rigorously using practical tools
    • Apply and adapt 10 universal platforms for creative PR to achieve results for your organisation
    • Project manage, troubleshoot and evaluate your own communication campaigns
    • Appoint the right suppliers and agencies and manage them efficiently

    Communication campaign planning

    This module covers practical approaches and tools that you can use to lay sound foundations for campaigns that execute smoothly and deliver results.

    • Principles and approaches to communication campaign planning
    • Planning toolbox: practical techniques for campaign design
    • Tactic selection: choosing the right mix of PR tools
    • Time planning: traditional (GANTT) and online (integrated digital) tools
    • Resource planning: predicting what you will need to make it happen
    • People, skills, management capacity, budget, outsource, contingency

    Universal platforms for effective campaigns

    This module describes and explores 10 classic platforms for PR campaigns that feature many effective communication plans.

    • Briefing on the 10 universal campaign platforms
    • Case study showcase of the universal platforms in action
    • Workshops and structured discussion on how you can apply the platforms in your organisation

    Practical communication project management

    This module is a hands-on primer in how to apply best practice in project management to communication and PR campaigns at your organisation.

    • Key ingredients and success factors in campaign project management
    • Managing budgets, resources and project-critical relationships
    • Managing external engagement (stakeholders, media, messages, channels)
    • Monitoring and feedback: milestones and key performance indicators
    • Evaluation: reporting and return on investment
    • People management and team leadership

    Managing suppliers and working with agencies

    This module covers how to select, manage and troubleshoot the third-party organisations on whom the success of your campaign depends.

    • Appointing the right agencies and partners: best practice approaches
    • Hiring and appointing: get the contract and the relationship right
    • Briefing and collaborating effectively
    • Managing and troubleshooting agency issues

    Course format


    This course is heavy on reality and light on theory. Your trainer will introduce the concepts clearly, then focus on real-world skills that connect the big picture to your job. Courses are updated regularly and trainers are active in the industry so your knowledge will be fresh and relevant.


    Training consists of concise briefings on best practice, backed up by interactive learning activities like workshops, role-plays, case study analysis, coaching, brainstorms and structured group discussions. You will not sit passively through long lectures.


    This course is interesting, intellectually stimulating and delivered in a relaxed and professional style.


    All ISOC trainers are hands-on communication professionals with at least 15 years of experience. We don’t employ academic teachers – we insist on good-humoured enthusiasts who will inspire your creativity.


    This course is delivered in an executive boardroom format, not classroom-style, and in a small group no larger than eight people. You will get personal attention for the issues that matter to you. It’s also a great chance to network and share experience.

    Quality assurance

    About ISOC

    We have headquarters in London and a training centre in Dubai. We train communicators at all levels, from press officers to prime ministers. ISOC is owned and managed by Pinnacle International, the world’s largest specialist communications and PR training company. As well as public courses, we provide private and customised programmes including media interview training, presentation training, and multi-year multi-competency postgraduate programmes.

    Accredited by Edexcel

    Edexcel is the world’s largest provider of accredited qualifications and one of the UK’s largest examination boards. It is owned by Pearson, the world’s largest education company. Edexcel awards two million qualifications every year around the world and has 5,500 education partners in 110 countries.

    ISOC is an accredited Edexcel Centre (#90817). Edexcel has audited ISOC’s systems for the design, delivery and management of training and inspects us regularly to assure quality control of all aspects of training and assessment.

    The British Accreditation Council

    ISOC is also accredited by the British Accreditation Council, a UK Government-mandated training standards body. The BAC conducts annual quality assurance inspections and audits.

User reviews 6 users commented so far Add your review

Bevis Man says:
This course had really good examples to put the theory into context - good framework and structure.
Bevis rated the course
Anonymous says:
The course gives a very good general overview of all the relevant elements. There was enough detail to learn step-by-step.
Anonymous rated the course
Anon. says:
Full of practical support, backed up by real world examples. Very engaging.
Anon. rated the course
Sylvia Demeyrier says:
The trainer (Jenni Perry) is very knowledgeable - lots of practical examples. I learned a lot, very efficient.
Sylvia rated the course
Nanieh says:
It was a good course, I enjoyed it and got a lot of information. Samanth Dancy, the trainer explains very clearly.
Nanieh rated the course
Vasanthe says:
Trainer Samantha Dancy was very clear and knowledgeable.
Vasanthe rated the course
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