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  • This one-day intermediate training course covers employee communications from strategy to execution. You will learn best practice in building internal communication strategies that raise motivation, productivity and collaboration. Topics include internal communication strategy, planning, platforms, tools and campaigns. You will build a toolkit of techniques for internal campaigns as well as everyday employee engagement, including online innovations.


    This course covers the following modules:

    • Principles of internal communication
    • Internal communication strategy and planning
    • Internal communication platforms and channels
    • Internal communication campaigns and programmes

    Who should attend?

    This is an intermediate-level course designed for learners with existing knowledge and several years of experience in communications or PR. Learning is pitched at a level to help you develop strategic approaches and apply sophisticated techniques. This course is recommended for managers, executives, communication and PR professionals required to design, manage or evaluate internal communications strategies, campaigns or activities.

    Learning outcomes

    After this course, you will be able to:

    • Define and articulate the strategic principles and rational for internal communications
    • Create an internal communication strategy for your organisation
    • Design organisational systems and a practical action plan for internal communication
    • Deploy internal communication across all of the key channels and platforms using a toolbox of techniques
    • Create, manage and roll out internal communication campaigns and programmes
    • Promote employee engagement and management visibility

    Course outline

    Principles of internal communication

    This module explores and defines the core principles and defining concepts that underlie practical and strategic internal communications.

    • Strategic role of internal communications
    • Principles of change management
    • Rationale for investing in internal communications
    • Business benefits
    • Mechanisms through which internal communication adds value: motivation, productivity and knowledge sharing
    • Management visibility
    • Recruitment and retention

    Internal communication strategy and planning

    This module covers how to create an internal communication strategy complete with organisational systems and a practical action plan.

    • Defining your organisation’s value set
    • Aligning internal communications with business goals
    • Organisational models for internal communications
    • Defining goals and objectives for internal communications
    • Internal communications research tools (e.g. employee focus groups and internal surveys.)
    • Evaluating internal communications

    Internal communication platforms and channels

    This module presents a toolbox of practical internal communication techniques and channels.

    • Internal communications systems and processes
    • Internal projects and campaigns
    • Newsletters, posters, environmental branding, brand collateral
    • Online internal communications: intranets, internal blogs
    • Face to face: team meetings, staff events etc.

    Internal communication campaigns and programmes

    This module is a how-to guide to launching internal communication programmes, based on case studies of award-winning campaigns from around the world.

    • Creating and rolling out internal brands
    • Managing internal values campaigns
    • Multimedia internal campaigns including web video
    • Recognition and reward programmes
    • Employee performance showcasing
    • Alignment of internal communications with corporate responsibility
    • Community engagement and volunteering programmes

User reviews 16 users commented so far Add your review

JM says:
I found this course incredibly helpful. The strategic advice was spot on, and the tips on how to engage and motivate employees were very inspiring. The exercises also helped me to see how to apply the tactics in my own workplace.
JM rated the course
TO says:
I liked the fact that we were a small training group, it gave us lots of opportunity to ask questions and queries.
Highly experienced trainer (Kelly Freeman). Brilliant facilities.
TO rated the course
N Gilbert says:
The contents really covered all the areas that I wanted to learn about. It was pitched at a very understandable and engaging level.
N rated the course
Anonymous says:
Rich, insightful and very useful.
Anonymous rated the course
anonymous says:
Practical and interactive - excellent!
anonymous rated the course
GH says:
Excellent course, and Kelly Freeman was great!
GH rated the course
Jill Ettlinger says:
Some great ideas, and real food for thought.
Jill rated the course
LG says:
I liked that we were in a small interactive group, very engaging.
LG rated the course
CJ Willoughby says:
The strategy content was excellent.
CJ rated the course
Anonymous says:
Very happy to have attended the course, with a trainer with such amazing experience.
Anonymous rated the course
Sophia says:
Overall this was excellent! Thank you!
Sophia rated the course
Tina says:
Everything was excellent. Kelly Freeman (trainer) just knows everything!
Tina rated the course
Elaine Thompson says:
Kelly Freeman (trainer) was very motivating, friendly, knowledgeable, a breath of fresh air, a role model.

The course was engaging, providing real life examples. The examples were personal to your organisation and helped to develop tools to take away. Sparked a new interest in communications for me.
Elaine rated the course
KJ says:
Kelly Freeman was an inspiring trainer - enthusiastic, friendly, approachable. Lots of case studies, practical examples of topics under discussions. Thank you!
KJ rated the course
Christine says:
The trainer (Kelly Freeman) was really experienced and she gave practical advice on solving problems.
Christine rated the course
Debbie Hughes says:
The trainer was very engaging - focus on proof points was good!
Debbie rated the course
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