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Communication management

Advanced Communications and PR Management



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ISOC London
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  • Advanced Communications and PR Management is a one-day communication management training course for PR professionals. It covers best practice in designing communication departments, managing PR teams and directing campaigns. You will learn to structure PR teams and roles, design processes and systems and organise a press office. You will master advanced techniques for overseeing complex communication programmes.


    This course covers the following modules:

    • Strategic management for communications and PR departments
    • Operational communication management: policies, processes and resources
    • Programme management, measurement and evaluation
    • Managing and leading a PR team

    Who should attend?

    This is an advanced-level course designed for learners in senior roles, aspiring to mastery and innovation. Learning is pitched at a level to help you to synthesise best practice and direct strategic implementation.

    This course is recommended for senior communications professionals responsible for designing or supervising a press office or communication team for any kind of organisation. It is suitable for anyone responsible for managing communication campaigns and programmes at a senior level.

    Learning outcomes

    After this course, you will be able to:

    • Analyse the roles and functions of an ideal communication department
    • Articulate and implement strong guiding principles for press office management
    • Create and adapt high quality policies, procedures, materials and resources
    • Improve the efficient running of your own communication department
    • Design and implement best-practice measurement and evaluation systems
    • Manage and lead a PR team effectively

    Course outline

    Strategic management for communications and PR departments

    This module covers best practice in running a PR function, from the perspective of communication managers and directors.

    • Role of the press office
    • Best practice principles
    • Goals and objectives
    • Success factors

    Operational communication management: policies, processes and resources

    This module covers how to design operational systems and resources based on best practice from successful organisations and practical templates.

    • Protocols and policies
    • Materials and resources
    • Workflow management

    Programme management, measurement and evaluation

    This module covers how to measure, analyse and evaluate the impact and value of high-profile PR and communications programmes.

    • Rationale and challenges
    • Trends and best practice
    • Measurable objectives
    • Metrics and tools

    Managing and leading a PR team

    This module covers how to structure, organise, develop and motivate a team of communication professionals.

    • Team roles and workflow
    • Nurturing and leading your team
    • Leadership core competencies
    • Budgeting for people

User reviews 9 users commented so far Add your review

Raul Cordenillo says:
Comprehensive, eye-opening! Lots of practical and helpful frameworks and tools that I can apply to my work and my team.
Raul rated the course
Claire Mason says:
I really enjoyed the interaction with the trainer especially the real life examples that I could relate to. Look forward to take what I've learnt back to my workplace. Excellent trainer (Kelly Freeman)!
Claire rated the course
anonymous says:
I enjoyed learning from other participants. Overall experience, 4 out of 5!
anonymous rated the course
Isla Reynolds says:
What a great course! Kelly Freeman was excellent - sensible and inspiring advice. This course has boosted my confidence and given me new ideas!
Isla rated the course
Will Choene says:
The in-depth experience of the trainer (Kelly Freeman) was excellent; she is the master of her trade. Everything on this course seemed to be well planned and executed.
Will rated the course
Ewelina says:
5 out of 5 - a small group of participants meant tailoring content to our needs.
Ewelina rated the course
Omar Alfayez says:
The best things about the course were the trainer, the other participants and also the facilities.
Omar rated the course
Evangeline says:
The course was very enjoyable and enlightening, it was well coordinated.
Evangeline rated the course
Olga Litkouets says:
Excellent workshop! Very useful information in a very interesting and engaging format.
Olga rated the course
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