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  • This one-day training course covers the key media relations skills and techniques that effective PR professionals use to get stories covered positively and prominently in print, broadcast and online media. You will learn how to engage with journalists, manage news dynamics, pitch stories, build editorial relationships, and navigate the media landscape as you build positive media coverage for your organisation. 


    This course covers the following modules:

    • Mapping your media landscape
    • Understanding and working with journalists
    • Building news judgement to maximise coverage
    • Pitching your stories to engage the media

    Who should attend?

    This is a universal course designed for learners in a wide range of roles and levels. Learning is pitched at a core level, designed to help you analyse core concepts and execute universal skills. This course is recommended for anyone who wants to generate more media positive and effective coverage for their organisation.

    Learning outcomes

    After this course, you will be able to:

    • Understand how the media are organised, and how journalists think and work
    • Feel empowered and inspired to represent your organisation's interests effectively in day to day interactions with the news media.
    • Develop an instinct for the kind of ideas that will generate news effectively
    • Know how and when to approach journalists with news, and feel confident engaging with them
    • Return to work able to generate greater news value for your stories, and secure more positive and prominent coverage for them

    Course outline

    Mapping your media landscape

    This module explores the full range of forms of news media, and how to engage effectively with different media.

    • The power and value of the media: reach, impact and credibility
    • Mapping media by medium (broadcast, print, newswires etc.)
    • Mapping media by scope (horizontal, vertical, geographic etc.)
    • Mapping media by category (consumer, trade, relationship etc.)
    • Practicalities and specific best practice for working with TV, newspapers, magazines, trade press, radio, newswires and Web-based news media

    Understanding and working with journalists

    This module covers how to understand and work with journalists to influence and shape coverage.

    • What journalists need from us: influencing the story by providing the right ingredients
    • Avoiding common points of tension and conflict
    • Thinking like a journalist – how they work and what they want
    • Five essential rules of engagement
    • Building trust and relationships
    • Managing press contacts and lists

    Building news judgement to maximise coverage

    This module covers news judgement: understanding how journalists decide what makes news.

    • How to present information so that journalists consider it newsworthy
    • Definitions and universal ingredients of news
    • Different types of news – hard news, soft news, human interest news, feature news etc.
    • Finding and showcasing the news value in your story
    • Front-page focus: optimising news value to get your story covered more prominently

    Pitching your stories to engage the media

    This module covers how to sell-in stories to journalists by creating and executing effective pitches.

    • Golden rules of story pitching: selling in stories effectively to journalists
    • Creating effective pitches that engage journalists and drive positive coverage
    • Pitch timing: navigating news cycles and deadlines
    • Pitch targeting: pitching the right publication or media outlet for your story
    • Pitching channels: different types of pitch (phone, email, face to face etc.)
    • Practice your pitching skills in role-play exercises with real journalists

User reviews 10 users commented so far Add your review

Beth Maguire says:
The thing I liked most about this course was our trainer Elsbeth Smedley's enthusiasm and expertise.
Beth rated the course
J. Greenaway says:
Great course with fantastic tips and ideas (relating to the job).
J. rated the course
Marwa Shehata says:
Trainer, Sarah Cocker is excellent.
Marwa rated the course
Ece says:
I especially liked the practical exercises and workshops in the course.
Ece rated the course
Eylem says:
The trainer (Kelly Freeman)'s best practice sharing was so valuable. She was also really experienced in media relations.
Eylem rated the course
Noor Raheem says:
Trainer Shahla Kashif is friendly and yet effective. Just love her.
Noor rated the course
O.A. says:
All of the information was easy to digest and delivered in bite size chunks. I left with a very clear strategy of what to do next.
O.A. rated the course
Bina Ghose says:
The course covered all the key areas that I needed for me to target key journalists. Great hints and tips that I will apply when I get back to the office.
Bina rated the course
Anderson Tawanda Chipatiso says:
Sarah Cocker has a great understanding of the matters at hand.
Anderson rated the course
Anon says:
Perfect content so far as relevance, context and system approach. Highly organised and fits together very well.
Lubna (the teacher) was highly experienced- gave excellent tips. Very informative, helpful and extremely relevant to my work. Highly enjoyed the instructor's teaching style, technique, width and breadth of knowledge/experience.
The venue was great- full of excellent staff, services, and facilities.
Anon rated the course
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