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Communication strategy

Communication Strategy Design and Development



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  • This intermediate-level communication strategy course covers how to create a rigorous communication and PR strategy using practical tools. You will learn a powerful but straightforward system for analysing stakeholders and choosing the best communication channels to reach them. Topics include how to define and measure goals and objectives and how to present a communication strategy in a clear framework.


    This course covers the following modules:

    • Principles and essentials of communication strategy
    • Stakeholder mapping and channel segmentation
    • Channels and tactics
    • Positioning and messages

    Who should attend?

    This is an intermediate-level course designed for learners with existing knowledge and several years of experience in communications or PR. Learning is pitched at a level to help you develop strategic approaches and apply sophisticated techniques.

    This course is recommended for communication professionals up to manager or director level, either agency or in-house, who may be required to create or supervise a communication strategy for their own organisation or for a client.

    Learning outcomes

    After this course, you will be able to:

    • Analyse, map and prioritise your organisation’s stakeholders
    • Select the most effective communication channels for your messages
    • Conduct a communications audit and situation analysis for your organisation
    • Compose effective messages and positioning for your organisation
    • Define appropriate communications goals and objectives
    • Bring it all together in a clear, concise, integrated communication strategy

    Course outline

    Principles and essentials of communication strategy

    This module covers the guiding principles that underlie every strong communications and PR strategy.

    • Guiding ideas, principles, issues and concepts for communication strategy design
    • Using communication to manage reputation
    • Using communication to influence stakeholders and behaviour
    • Approaches and models for communication strategy development
    • Checklists and processes

    Stakeholder mapping and channel segmentation

    This module presents clear tools and methodologies that you can use to ensure that your communication strategy targets key audience groups effectively.

    • Concepts and definitions
    • Identifying, grouping and prioritising stakeholders
    • Stakeholder mapping
    • Audience segmentation

    Channels and tactics

    This module reviews the range and applications of communication channels available and best practice for their application.

    • Types of communication channel
    • PR tactics: strengths, weaknesses and applications
    • Creating a channel strategy: targeting channels for stakeholders
    • Channel segmentation

    Positioning and messages

    This module covers how to focus and distil complex or nuanced ideas into simple, strong and clear messages that resonate with stakeholders.

    • Message development
    • Strategic positioning
    • Proof points: hard and soft evidence
    • Messages in action

User reviews 23 users commented so far Add your review

Anonymous says:
I most liked the clear layout and provision of tools to use in my own organisation. The trainer (Kelly Freeman) was friendly and approachable.
Anonymous rated the course
Steven Cull says:
I liked that the trainer (Kelly Freeman) supported the theory with practical examples.
Steven rated the course
Anonymous says:
I liked the practical, real world examples!
Anonymous rated the course
E. Fisher says:
Really bespoke and suited to our specific needs.
E. rated the course
M Davis says:
The trainer (Jenni Perry) was very encouraging and reassuring. The content was thorough, tailored and personal.
M rated the course
Bevis Man says:
Great course structure - a logical step by step guide to piecing a comms strategy together, very useful. Discussions were good for context.
Bevis rated the course
Jean Demars says:
What I liked most about this course was the trainer's (Kelly Freeman) expertise and real life examples. Excellent course!
Jean rated the course
anonymous says:
The trainer (Kelly Freeman) had a vast amount of knowledge and real life experience.
anonymous rated the course
Anonymous says:
The course gave me enough tools to supplement my knowledge and achieve my objectives.
Anonymous rated the course
Mojisola Saka says:
Course content, knowledge depth of facilitator (Sue Rizzello) and session format were very good.
Mojisola rated the course
S.C. says:
Our trainer, Kelly Freeman, was really clear and motivating, she included the whole group and was able to link the teaching to our specific work.
S.C. rated the course
Anon says:
All items were treated with adequate length and detail. There was a good balance of listening and speaking exercises, and there were helpful examples to illustrate the theory.
Anon rated the course
LB says:
Kelly Freeman, our trainer, was incredibly knowledgeable and informative. Particularly in light of her background experience. The examples given were fascinating. The delivery was very clear, and illuminating.
LB rated the course
Vic says:
The things I liked most were the expertise, the anecdotes of practical experience which were given, and the pace of the course.
Vic rated the course
Luke says:
Fascinating, relevant, expert and interesting.
Luke rated the course
S. Shuttleworth says:
Excellent course. The trainer and the structure were great. Examples given on how to use the advice and inputs in everyday working life.
S. rated the course
Saleh Al Hamyid says:
The trainer was perfect (Kelly Freeman) - this course should be longer in my opinion.
Saleh rated the course
EM says:
Overall very impressed with this course - I liked the practical advice applied to real examples.
EM rated the course
Sylvia Demeyrier says:
The trainer (Jenni Perry) is very knowledgeable - lots of practical examples. I learned a lot, very efficient.
Sylvia rated the course
Diane Yelland says:
Sue Rizzello is a great trainer and brought lots of her own relevant experience to the classroom. She was able to tailor what she was saying to our individual cases. I have some great learning to take back to my role and a greater understanding of what is needed and important.
Diane rated the course
L. Anderson says:
I really liked learning by examples and anecdotes
L. rated the course
Lisa Hutson says:
Kelly, the trainer, was really engaging, interesting and charismatic
Lisa rated the course
D. Harrison says:
Trainers were brilliant, would definitely recommend to my colleagues
D. rated the course
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