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Practical Event Management


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  • Practical Event Management is a one-day corporate event management course. It covers the strategy, design, planning and delivery of smooth and professional events. Topics range from the essentials of preparation to the realities of delivery and troubleshooting under pressure. You will learn hands-on skills and tricks of the trade from veteran event managers, based on a how-to approach and practical checklists.


    This course covers the following modules:

    • Creating event concepts
    • Practical event design
    • Systematic event planning
    • Professional event execution

    Who should attend?

    This is a universal course designed for learners at different levels and in a range of roles. Learning is pitched at a core level, designed to help you analyse core concepts and execute universal skills.

    This course is recommended for professionals from all kinds of organisations who need to organise smooth and professional events to achieve positive publicity.

    NOTE: this course includes guidance on handling the media at events and touches briefly on news conferences, but it is not specifically about media events. These are covered in detail in another course: Press Conference Management.

    Learning outcomes

    After this course, you will be able to:

    • Create a strong concept and strategy for an event
    • Choose the most appropriate format, scale, venue and identity for an event
    • Design an engaging programme of content for your event
    • Plan and prepare all aspects of event logistics and practicalities
    • Manage the delivery of an event on the day

    Course outline

    Creating event concepts

    This module covers laying the strategic foundations of a successful event by selecting a strong format and concept for your PR event.

    • Creating a strategic event concept
    • The PR events toolbox: 25 types of PR event
    • Media and non-media events

    Event design

    This module is a how-to guide to essential ingredients and processes used to design events, based on practical checklists and best practice systems.

    • Key components of event design
    • Building a programme of content
    • Selecting the right venue
    • Planning and managing room layouts
    • Commissioning staging and signage
    • Preparing collateral and branded materials

    Event planning and preparation

    This module explores best-practice approaches to practical event planning through a hands-on approach to tools and tactics.

    • Mapping out a timeline and critical path
    • Organising back-office systems
    • Planning for publicity and media
    • Sending invitations
    • Preparing, printing and compiling delegate packs
    • Planning event logistics

    Making it shine on the day: practical event execution

    This module covers the realities of managing a major event, with insider tips on ensuring smooth delivery and handling unexpected mishaps.

    • Preparing and working with a running schedule
    • Last-minute checks
    • Speaker management
    • Delegate management
    • Managing the online space


User reviews 10 users commented so far Add your review

Aishah says:
What I liked most about this course was the content and the trainer's (Sue Rizzello) knowledge.
Aishah rated the course
Petra says:
I have really enjoyed the workshops as they made me think. I would definitely recommend this course.
Petra rated the course
Marwa Shehata says:
Lucy Miller, the trainer was professional and excellent.
Marwa rated the course
Zeinab Al Moussaoui says:
Trainer Lucy Miller was perfect, I hope to train with her again.
Zeinab rated the course
Faisal Alsabah says:
The course was above expectations and trainer Bexta Tierney was outstanding.
Faisal rated the course
Noor says:
This workshop was great! It was very helpful and informative. The trainer, Bexta Tierney was just the right person to give such a course.
Noor rated the course
Margit Levay says:
It was a fantastic training. I thoroughly enjoyed in particular because it was presented by Bexta Tierney – she is a top professional and I have the highest respect for her. Indeed I took a lot of information on board which have been tremendously useful.
Margit rated the course
Abir Falaknaz says:
Our trainer Paul Venn was very clear and his explanations were great.
Abir rated the course
Anonymous says:
Bexta Tierney was an outstanding teacher. Original, unique, and a one of a kind personality. It was wonderful to learn from someone with a lot of passion and knowledge.
Anonymous rated the course
Anderson Tawanda Chipatiso says:
The presentations were on point and easy to follow.
Bexta Tierney was engaging and articulated her points simply but effectively!
Anderson rated the course
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