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Digital Marketing Programme (5 days)



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  • This practical course covers every dimension of modern digital marketing, advertising formats to digital displays and search engine marketing. Topics include how to build a digital marketing strategy and customise it for your audience profile. You will learn how to use digital marketing tools to boost brand popularity, recruit customers and increase revenue.

    Course outline

    Day 1: Fundamentals of digital marketing

    This module is dedicated to acquainting yourself with the basics of digital marketing. These include the key concepts, the principles and the tools/channels commonly utilised. You will also learn about the terminology, the most typical challenges and the digital display campaign process.

    • Key concepts
    • Digital marketing tools and channels
    • Digital display and programmatic advertising  
    • Digital marketing campaign creation

    Day 2: keyword research and strategy

    This module covers the essential concepts and practicalities of keyword research. When it comes to targeting, keyword research is a paramount concept to master. You will learn how to use keywords to connect with the right crowd and make the most of the campaign.

    • Digital display workshop
    • Keyword research
    • Keyword tools and applications
    • Keyword practical workshop

    Day 3: Search engine optimisation

    This module covers the art and science of search engine optimisation (SEO). Topics include tools, content creation, on-page and off-page optimisation techniques and results analysis.

    • SEO basics
    • Prominent SEO techniques
    • SEO results and analysis
    • Case study and workshop

    Day 4: Pay Per Click (PPC) and mobile marketing

    This module covers what it takes to set up the perfect PPC campaign, how to select display networks and track results, and optimising for mobile devices.

    • Pay per click advertising
    • Ad creation and campaign management
    • Pay per click workshop
    • Mobile marketing

    Day 5: Digital Marketing strategy and analytics

    This module covers digital marketing strategy include how to use website analytics to measure results and inform strategic planning.

    • Website analytics
    • Analytics workshop
    • Digital marketing strategy and planning
    • Digital marketing case studies

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