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Single-day course, Communication strategy, Communication management, Public affairs and lobbying

Creating a Public Affairs and Government Relations Strategy



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ISOC London
13 Grosvenor Place | Floor 3

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GBP 545

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  • Creating a Public Affairs and Government Relations Strategy is a one-day intermediate-level course about strategic lobbying to influence policymakers. You will learn to map the political and power structures that shape your regulatory world. Topics include how to influence your organisation’s business environment using advocacy, media pressure and online lobbying. 


    This course covers the following modules:

    • Principles of public affairs and lobbying
    • Developing a PA and lobbying strategy
    • Identifying and managing stakeholders
    • Understanding your political environment

    Who should attend?

    This is an intermediate-level course designed for learners with existing knowledge and several years of experience in PR, marketing or communication. Learning is pitched at a level to help you develop strategic approaches and apply sophisticated techniques.

    This course is recommended for anyone tasked with managing or overseeing the creation of a lobbying or PA strategy, whether directly or having hired a consultancy.

    Learning outcomes       

    • Identify why government relations and public affairs are important and what value they can create for an organisation
    • Understand and analyse the components of a public affairs strategy
    • Use stakeholder analysis and evaluation tools
    • Produce a situation analysis
    • Map out the power structures that determine your organisation’s prospects
    • Identify how, where and when to engage in the policy and legislative process
    • Develop an issues and stakeholder management plan for public affairs
    • Use stakeholder analysis and evaluation tools
    • Master and execute the main public affairs and lobbying techniques

    Course outline

    Understanding the principles of government relations and public affairs 

    This module covers the founding concepts and best practices that underpin effective public affairs.

    • Understanding the origins of public affairs and government relations
    • What public affairs and government relations can achieve
    • Introducing public affairs and government relations activities
    • Evaluating the threats and opportunities of acting and not acting 

    Creating a government relations and public affairs strategy

    This module presents a practical step-by-step approach to designing a lobbying strategy for any organisation.

    • Learning the components of a public affairs and government relations strategy
    • Identifying objectives and goals, stakeholders and key messages
    • Measuring success

    Stakeholder analysis and management in public affairs

    This module covers how to shape and adapt government relations activities according to the needs and expectations of stakeholder audiences.

    • Identifying, categorising and evaluating stakeholders
    • Understanding what and how they think
    • Identifying and researching political targets
    • Mapping relationships with your stakeholders

    Understanding and mapping your public affairs and political landscape

    This module covers how to extract insights from a big-picture view of the government and policy environment.

    • Understanding government influences on the policy agenda
    • Evaluating sources of available intelligence
    • Understanding the policy development cycle

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Samer Bustany says:
The best things about this course were the content, the atmosphere, and the printed materials. The course is perfect!
Samer rated the course
anonymous says:
Excellent course, especially the exercises.
anonymous rated the course
V. M. says:
Lionel Zetter's (the trainer) insight and knowledge was very interesting and useful.
V. rated the course
Matthew Francis says:
The step by step guide to creating a PA strategy and the thematic approach was excellent. The course was ideal as a way of structuring and contextualising the experience I have gained working in the sector to date.
Matthew rated the course
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