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Focused Immersion Seminars (multi day), Communication strategy, Communication management, Public affairs and lobbying

Strategic Public Affairs and Government Relations Programme (5 days)



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ISOC London
13 Grosvenor Place | Floor 3

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  • This five-day public affairs training programme connects persuasion and policy influence with strategic communication. It covers the full spectrum of tools, tactics and techniques for government relations. You will learn practical tactics for engaging with policymakers as part of a systematic strategy to influence government policy and shape legislation. The course also covers how to generate media coverage for leverage in government relations.


    This course covers the following modules:

    • Day 1: Creating a public affairs and government relations strategy
    • Day 2: Advocacy, messaging and positioning
    • Day 3: Implementing a public affairs and lobbying campaign
    • Day 4: Engaging with government officials
    • Day 5: Using the media to influence policy in government affairs

    Who should attend?

    This is an intermediate-level course designed for executives who need to engage with government, legislators and politicians for work. Learning is pitched at a level to help you to synthesise best practice and direct strategic implementation.

    This course is recommended for managers tasked with overseeing strategic government and public affairs, whether directly or having hired a consultancy. There is always a high level of knowledge exchange and cross-fertilisation of ideas within this course.

    Learning outcomes

    After this course, you will be able to:

    • Map out the power structures that determine your organisation’s prospects
    • Identify how, where and when to engage in the policy and legislative process
    • Develop an issues and stakeholder management plan for public affairs
    • Master and execute the main public affairs and lobbying techniques
    • Develop a lobbying strategy that integrates public affairs activity in support of your business strategy
    • Conduct meetings with high-level government officials
    • Build a lobbying campaign designed to shape your policy and legislative environment
    • Engage with the news media and harness their influential power as part of a lobbying campaign
    • Conduct lobbying online using the main social media tools and platforms 

    Course outline

    Day 1: Creating a public affairs and government relations strategy

    This one-day module covers the fundamental concepts, principles and approaches to developing a government relations and public affairs strategy by taking learners through a step by step process for creating their strategy which they can utilize when they return to work. 

    • Understanding the principles of public affairs and government relations
    • Creating a government relations and public affairs strategy
    • Stakeholder analysis and management in public affairs
    • Understanding and mapping your public affairs and political landscapes  

    Day 2: Advocacy, messaging and positioning

    This module covers skills and approaches to defining your position and making your case persuasively.

    • Messaging for government and public affairs audiences 
    • Positioning your organisation and its business goals effectively with stakeholders
    • Using proof and persuasion to drive your messaging 
    • Leveraging communication channels for a public affairs programme 

    Day 3: Implementing a public affairs and lobbying campaign

    This module covers the practical implementation of government and public affairs campaigns and activities.

    • Understanding the dynamics of political jurisdictions to maximise results
    • Using different lobbying programme frameworks for your campaign
    • Utilising the best tools and tactics to engage with stakeholders
    • Practical workshop in which learners develop their own public affairs programme 

    Day 4: Engaging with government officials

    This module covers how to develop relationships and hold meetings with government officials.

    • Identifying and understanding your targets: getting to the right people within government
    • Managing the dynamics of your relationship with government officials
    • Developing the right communications collateral for meetings with government officials
    • Practical workshop in which learners practice managing their encounter 

    Day 5: Using the media to influence policy

    This module covers how to utilise strategic communications and media engagement to further your government and public affairs objectives. 

    • Aligning communications activities with government affairs programmes 
    • Creative PR tools and tactics to generate publicity 
    • Building relationships with journalists to secure press coverage for your public affairs initiatives 
    • Practical workshop in which learners practice media interviews, with filmed interviews and feedback 

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Anonymous says:
Outstanding seminar and excellent facilitators, great value for money!
Anonymous rated the course
Kim says:
The variety of trainers who were able to share their expertise specific to the subject of the day was excellent. The quality of the presenters and the materials was also very high.
Kim rated the course
Oleksandr Kogut says:
A very good course. Equipped me with practical strategies in government relations and communications. It set a good academic benchmark for how GR, PA and PR should be done today.
Oleksandr rated the course
Snezana says:
Rolien (head of training) was great! Very helpful. Thank-you for your kindness, and for feeding us :)
Snezana rated the course
Sandra says:
This seminar was overall very good, with experienced trainers - Philip Dewhurst, Kelly Freeman and Michael Burrell were great!
Very supportive, professional and kind venue staff.
Sandra rated the course
Filip, Poland says:
Even though parts of the seminar felt a little UK focused, the overall level of content was just right.
Tim Wilson and Michael Burrell stood out for me.
I would recommend this seminar!
Filip, rated the course
Noora says:
The trainers on this course were the best I've ever had. Kelly Freeman and Michael Burrell were especially outstanding.

Thanks also for the great healthy food options!
Noora rated the course
Anonymous says:
The course was very informative, well structured and insightful. I have the confidence to perform my role better and learning from the trainer's experience was priceless.
Anonymous rated the course
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