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Single-day course, Workplace communication skills, Executive communication skills

Managing Meetings



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ISOC London
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This course is usually delivered by one of the following trainers:

  • Managing Meetings is a one-day universal training course for managers, executives and business professionals. This course covers every stage of effective meeting management, from initial ideas and planning to action points, tracking results and effective follow-up. Topics include effective meeting structures, time management, interpersonal dynamics and troubleshooting problematic situations. You will learn fresh and practical approaches to managing successful meetings that are easy to implement and show clear immediate benefits.


    This course covers the following modules:

    • Strategy and planning: matching the meeting to its purpose
    • Preparing effectively for meetings
    • Ensuring full participation and managing disruptive behaviour
    • Achieving robust results and ensuring post-meeting action

    Who should attend?

    This is a universal course designed for a wide range of learners. Training is pitched at a level to help you analyse core concepts and execute universal skills. This course is recommended for anyone who chairs or organises meetings.

    Learning outcomes

    After this course, you will be able to:

    • Employ different strategies for different types of meetings
    • Build an agenda that maximises outputs yet minimises time spent
    • Ensure the right people are involved at the right time
    • Manage the flow of the meeting to ensure information exchange
    • Keep the focus on results and actions and avoid side-tracking
    • Manage disruptive behaviour
    • Continuously improve the effectiveness of future meetings 

    Course outline

    Strategy and planning: matching the meeting to its purpose

    This module covers how to frame the concept for a meeting and clearly define its purpose in order to lay the foundations for success.

    • The ABCDEF of effective meetings
    • Key components of planning
    • Choosing the right balance of attendees
    • Decision factors on timing
    • Decision factors on location

    Preparing effectively for meetings

    This module covers how to translate a meeting concept into execution, including all of the essential steps and ingredients.

    • Creating an agenda
    • Best-practice structures and running orders
    • Soliciting and managing speaker content
    • Gathering materials
    • Invitations and calendar management
    • Logistics
    • Setting up the meeting space
    • Technology

    Ensuring full participation and managing disruptive behaviour

    This module covers how to ensure a positive, productive, powerful meeting by managing your own and others’ behaviour.

    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Chairing a meeting
    • Opening for impact and commitment
      Different tactics for different types of meetings
    • Keeping a meeting on track
    • Creating ground rules for success
    • Keeping the climate right
    • Managing time and overtime
    • Holding participants accountable
    • Managing disruptive behaviour
    • Managing conflict

    Achieving robust results and ensuring post-meeting action

    This module covers how to ensure that your meeting achieved its objectives, that people are clear about decisions and action-points and that action plans turn into action. It also addresses how to evaluate key elements of a successful meeting and work for continuous improvement. 

    • Minute-taking
    • Agreeing that actions and outcomes match the agenda
    • Evaluating the meeting’s success 
    • Planning for improvement
    • Closing for impact and commitment
    • Ensuring that action points are followed through
    • Closing the loop through feedback and reporting

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