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Communication strategy, Social media, Skills for PR professionals

Advanced Social Media Skills for Communications and PR (2 days)



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ISOC London
13 Grosvenor Place | Floor 3

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  • This advanced two-day course is a social media skills masterclass for anyone involved in online communication and content. It presents an alternative, strategic perspective on how social media should be managed. You will be encouraged to challenge both what you already believe and what you may have been told about what constitutes an effective approach to social media. You will learn practical techniques to harness the latest online platforms and trends for strategic impact. You will learn how to ensure that activity creates measurable value, rather than simply using tools or creating engagement.


    This course covers the following modules:

    • New social media channels
    • Social media integration: aligning online and offline strategies
    • Content creation for social media
    • Managing social media teams
    • Extended applications of social media
    • Community engagement in social media
    • Event management in social media
    • Tracking return on investment in social media

    Who should attend?

    This is an advanced-level course designed for learners in senior roles, aspiring to mastery and innovation. Learning is pitched at a level to help you to synthesise best practice and direct strategic implementation.

    Advanced social media for communications and PR is recommended for people who are already familiar with the tools of social media and now want to deepen their expertise.

    Learning outcomes

    After this course, you will be able to:

    • Focus on what problems you can use social media to solve and what value this can create for your organisation.
    • Identify where your current strategy may have weaknesses, why these might have occurred, and how to fix them
    • Understand the framework you need to have in place to ensure that social media creates measurable value for your organisation
    • Predict how the online space will evolve and what new types of tools and approaches are starting to emerge
    • Ensure that social media is a function that becomes integrated into your organisation, rather than sits in a silo
    • Anticipate and manage any risks associated with using social media

    Course outline

    This course covers the following modules:

    New social media channels

    This module covers the latest innovations, updates and arrivals in social media channels.

    • Platforms
    • Best practice
    • Practical workshops

    Social media integration

    This module covers how in practice to align online and offline communication strategies so that they complement and reinforce each other.

    • How to integrate social media strategy
    • Presentation of case studies and structured discussion
    • Social media style guides

    Content creation for social media

    This module covers social media content creation from both strategic and operational perspectives.

    • Visual content
    • Graphic creation tools

    Managing social media teams

    This module covers how to design and lead an efective team of social media communication professionals.

    • Team structures
    • Team qualities
    • Team roles
    • Managing social media teams
    • Collaboration tools

    Extended applications of social media

    This module covers non-core features of social media platforms that can create useful engagement.

    • Conducting research and development in social media
    • Online survey tools
    • Taking online offline: meetups and events
    • Social media for internal communications

    Community engagement in social media

    This module covers how to identify and interact with existing online communities.

    • Working with influencers
    • Social media communities

    Event management in social media

    This module covers how to manage online events in a way that generates reputational value for an organisation.

    • Integrated events
    • Social media competitions

    Tracking return on investment in social media

    This module covers how to measure the impact of social media engagement activities.

    • Measurement tools
    • Targeting options

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SDS says:
Fantastic trainer (Joan Smith)!
SDS rated the course
T. Gray says:
I liked the fact that I got given insight into the world of social media and all the different platforms that are out there, and how they can assist me in the my role and my life!
T. rated the course
FRC says:
I liked the interaction most.
FRC rated the course
Meritxell Rua says:
The best thing about this course was the professionalism and expertise of the trainer (Kelly Freeman) and her practical approach to the topic with clear examples.
Meritxell rated the course
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