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Terms and conditions

The following terms shall have the following meanings:

ISOC” means the International School of Communicaiton, a trading name of Pinnacle Public Relations Ltd, a private limited company incorporated in England and Wales with company number 4653394.

Booking Form” means the information submitted at time of booking a course, whether using an online electronic form, by fax or original paper copy.

 “Services” means the training courses identified on the Booking Form, including associated Materials.

Client” means the entity identified as “company” or “organisation” on the Booking Form.

Charges” means the fees for the Services set out in the Booking Form.

Delegates” means the individual(s) receiving the Services on behalf of the Client.

Trainer” means the person delivering the Services.

Materials” means without limitation any and all materials, documents, work, artwork, design conceived, created, devised, developed and/or produced as a result of the performance by ISOC of the Services or which ISOC, its employees, sub-contractors and agents create, develop, produce and supply to the Client under the Agreement.

Confidential information” means any information that is private, secret, or in any sense outside the public domain.


These terms and conditions (“T&Cs”) will be incorporated into all contracts between ISOC the Client for the supply of the Services.  If these T&Cs are waived or altered in respect of any contract, this must be done in writing and signed on behalf of ISOC.

These terms and conditions and the Booking Form (together “the Agreement”) form the whole agreement between ISOC and the Client and shall not be removed or varied in any way except as agreed in writing and signed on behalf of ISOC. In the event of any conflict between the items specified in the Booking Form and these T&Cs, then the items specified in the Booking Form shall take precedence.

These T&Cs apply in preference to and supersede any terms and conditions referred to, offered to or relied on by the Client whether in negotiations or at any stage in dealings between the Client and ISOC. By receiving the Services, the Client acknowledges acceptance of these T&Cs and the terms of the Agreement as a whole.


If the Client wishes to cancel the Services, cancellation must be given to ISOC in writing, and the following fees shall be due depending on the length of notice given prior to commencement of the Services:

26 working days or more – no charge

25-11 working days – a fee equal to 50% of the Charges

10 working days or less  – a fee equal to 100% of the Charges

A substitute Delegate(s) may be provided at no cost.

ISOC may cancel the Agreement without any further liability at any time by giving written notice to the Client.

ISOC reserves the right to change a Trainer in the event that a Trainer named in the Booking Form is unable to provide the Training Services.

ISOC may amend the programme, content or location without notice.


Delegates shall act reasonably throughout training. ISOC may exclude a Delegate, where, in the opinion of the Trainer, which shall be final, the Delegate is behaving unreasonably.


Charges shall be due in advance of delivery of Services unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The Client shall pay the Charges without deduction or set-off.

The Charges are exclusive of any applicable taxes which shall be payable by the Client.

ISOC will provide invoices, purchase orders and any other documentation in electronic form only. In the event the client requires a paper copy, an additional fee will be payable for administration and delivery.

ISOC may from time to time offer an advance payment discount rate conditional on receiving payment by a given date. In the event cleared funds are not received by this date, the advance payment discount rate is cancelled; the full rate becomes due; and ISOC reserves the right to cancel the Services. In the event payment is received at the discount rate after this rate has expired, the Client will then pay the balance to make up the full rate, in advance of delivery of the Services..

In the event the Client fails to pay in accordance with this Agreement, ISOC may:

Suspend delivery of Services, and/or:

Exclude a Delegate, and/or:

charge interest at a rate of 4% above the base rate of the Bank of England from the due date until the date of payment


ISOC may make reference to the Agreement in promotional materials, provided only fundamental facts are divulged and not proprietary and confidential information.

ISOC may store the names of the Delegates for the purpose of advising them of the availability of further courses in the future.


The parties shall respect, protect and maintain the confidentiality of all Confidential  Information relating to the other party and shall not, during the period of this Agreement, or at any time after its termination, divulge any Confidential Information to any person not authorised by the divulging party to receive it and shall not utilise any Confidential Information acquired in connection with this Agreement to the detriment or prejudice of the other party or use the same for any purposes save for the purposes of this Agreement.


Except as set out in the Booking Form or otherwise expressly agreed by the parties in writing, the Client acknowledges that ISOC is the sole owner of any and all Intellectual Property Rights in the Services and Materials supplied under the Agreement and the Client shall execute any document necessary for ISOC to obtain, maintain and protect such rights.

The Client may use the Materials for its own internal reference, but may not distribute or disseminate the Materials to third parties who are not employees of the Client and accepts full responsibility for its use and interpretation of the Materials which are supplied without any guarantees, conditions or warranties.


The Client shall indemnify ISOC against any and all actions, costs, claims, damages, losses or demands made by third parties (including legal expenses and any compensation, costs or disbursements incurred by or paid to compromise or settle any action or claim) including, without limitation, all loss of profits, revenue, contracts and loss arising from loss or corruption of data which ISOC may suffer and howsoever arising from any breach by the Client, its employees or agents of any of the obligations under the Agreement or arising out of the use or exploitation of any Services or Materials supplied and/or any act or omission by the Client, its employees or agents as a result of the Services or Materials.


Neither party shall be responsible for any failure or delay in performance of its obligations under this Agreement (other than the obligation to make payments of money) due to any force majeure event including, Act of God, refusal of licence (other than as a result of any act or omission of Insight) or other Government act, fire explosion, embargo, terrorism, civil disturbance, accident, epidemics, lightning damage, electromagnetic interference, radio interference, strikes, industrial dispute, or any other cause beyond its reasonable control.


The Client shall not during the term of this Agreement and for 6 months thereafter, entice or solicit for employment with it or any other entity any Trainer or employee of ISOC.


Any notice required to be given pursuant to the Agreement shall be given in writing and sent either by hand or by courier to the other party at the address set out in the Booking Form or at such address as may be notified from time to time by the parties.


This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

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