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Short courses on communication skills, public speaking, media training and public relations (PR)

Communication and pr training coursesThe International School of Communication (ISOC) is a private institution of higher learning.

We operate worldwide from headquarters in London, a training centre in Dubai, and at client sites in more than 50 countries.

We specialise in short courses across a range of communication skills:

  • Personal communication skills for professional development
  • Executive communication skills for managers and leaders
  • Specialist PR skills for communication professionals
  • Workplace communication skills for interpersonal excellence
  • Media training for spokespeople and interviews
  • Presentation skills for public speaking
  • Crisis communication skills for disaster preparedness

ISOC provides Masters-level vocational qualifications that are independently accredited and globally recognised.

ISOC has a 13-year track record of delivering award-winning specialist communications and PR training to public and private organisations of all sizes, including blue-chip companies and national governments.

ISOC is accredited, inspected and audited by two separate UK government-regulated training authorities: Edexcel and the British Accreditation Council (BAC). 

ISOC is owned and managed by Pinnacle, the world’s largest specialist communications and public relations training company. 

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